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Open house today will only be at @thepianoloft for our tasting Event. Commerce open house will begin a gain next week Tuesday 6-8pm.
#tribalchic babyshower @thepianoloft. Cake by @thekakeklub, Treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights , photography by @dpsnapsphotography
So in love with this #tribalchic babyshower we did @thepianoloft 😍😍😍 Definitely one of my favorite themes. Vendors tagged
A little Tuesday inspiration from #picasso Open House today 6-8pm both locations. Wednesday we will only be at Commerce Ave (50-60ppl) and Thursday only at @thepianoloft for our Tasting Event. Stay tuned for this weeks specials...
Open house today @thepianoloft 6-8pm, 80-120ppl capacity. We will also be at our smaller venue 1332 Commerce Ave for 50-60ppl.
Open house today 6-8pm, 1332 Commerce Ave, 50-60ppl, $150 off bookings for July and August
#aboutlastweek clean and simple white and coral wedding reception. Treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights, cake provided by client
#shabbygarden baby shower. Cakes by @thekakeklub, treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights
Cake by @thekakeklub, RKTs by @honey_bs_blissful_delights
#elephant baby shower dessert table close-up
#elephant baby shower cake by @thekakeklub, treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights, beackdrop by @mundomagico117, linens from @cvlinens
#onceuponatime #evilqueen inspired Quince, cake by @thekakeklub, Treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights
Linen bundle rental at our Commerce Ave location
Open house today, 6-8pm. 1332 Commerce Ave, 50-60 person capacity.
Vintage baby shower dessert table side view
Vintage baby shower w blush and rose gold
#unicorn cake by @thekakeklub, 3D cookies, apples, and cake pops by @honey_bs_blissful_delights
Restored the Vintage rocking horse I used for a Sheriff Callie event, and turned it into a #unicorn. Got crafty with matching treats bags
#unicorn cakepops and cupcakes by @honey_bs_blissful_delights
#unicorn 1st Birthday. Cake by @thekakeklub, treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights, balloons by @mamanellysplace
#unicorn 1st Birthday. Cake by @thekakeklub, treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights, balloons by @mamanellysplace
Open House today 6-8pm 1332 Commerce Ave (50-60ppl) 767 E 133rd st (80-120ppl) stop by to visit our locations and ask about our decorations packages. We offer 3 different types to suit your needs and budget. Have your own venue ...
Yellow and lavender baby shower. Cake by @thekakeklub, treats by @honey_bs_blissful_delights
Open House today at both locations 6-8pm
Open house today at both locations 6-8pm June, July, and August filling quickly. Reserve now to ensure your date.
#ninjago cake by @thekakeklub, 3D cookies, cookies and cakepops by @honey_bs_blissful_delights

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