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Don’t let a bad moment, make you have a bad day.
Overcome challenges and controversy with perseverance, determination & success.
Happy birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 🎉🎊
To @iamjamal319, thee funniest person I have ever met in my life! Thank you for 4 years #teamheadlines. I wish you nothing but success in everything you touch. After you get discovered by @monascottyoung, come back and get me.😜
Love ...
If you want a non-profit organization, then start a non-profit organization. Like myself, if you started a business based off the need for stability, then the goal should always be financial growth & helping others. Society makes us feel guilty ...
It’s the start of a new year. Time to be fearless! Time for growth & evolution. It’s time to join the Headlines by De’Franco styling team. Make money and learn new techniques all at one location. Interviews are ...
Do not start any new projects. Today is about putting the finishing touches on things you’ve already started.
Good morning! Get up and get something done. Use your morning energy to tackle even the smallest tasks. Whether it’s a project, laundry, organizing, ordering business cards etc. Doing just one thing a day can get you closer to your ...
2018 is going to be the start of new levels for the beauty industry! I’ve been sitting on this idea for 3 years and it’s finally underway. Our first few classes are now available for registration. Be sure to follow ...
Looking forward to what’s to come. If you’re not, make the necessary changes now.
Behind every dope woman, is one hell of a story.
Everyone wonders where they’ll be 5 years from now....but what about today.
January will make 1 year since I moved back to Cleveland from Los Angeles. Although, coming back home was the best decision I could have ever made, had I never moved to LA, I would have always wondered what my ...
...An organized mess
Striped trench & pantsftom @iloveposhcollection
#unapologeticdopeness #fashion #clevelandstylist #celebritystylist #madaboutmeechie #mobhair
The only time my head is down is to admire my shoes.
Malaysian Mink bundles, Sweatshirt & distressed Levi’s from @iloveposhcollection
#unapologeticdopeness #thecutlife #mobhair #clevelandstylist #cleveland #celebritystylist
Silk Press on Natural Hair by Meechie. Appts 440.605.0500
....for as long as God allows.
No matter how old you get, you’ll always be my one and only baby. ❤️
Merry 1st Christmas!❤️
Throw back Christmas 😂😂😂#chrisbrownchallenge
Hair by Meechie. Headlines by De’Franco 440.605.0500.
Taking it back to the basics. Hair cuts by Meechie. No relaxer. Appts 440.605.0500. #haircut #madaboutmeechie #headlinesbydefranco #meechie #thecutlife #clevelandstylist
Attn clients: Wouldn’t you love to walk into the top salon in Cleveland and be able to sit in any chair in the salon, knowing you’re going to receive great service? I’m currently building a classroom inside my salon to ...
I can do this all day. 💅🏾
Before and after. All it takes is some tender loving care and your undivided attention. Appts available 440.605.0500
Thurs 10am-12am
Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 9am-2pm
Y’all should have never introduced me to filters. I’m about to be the baddest chick on IG. 😜
Don’t act like it’s just me. ☺️
Date night😍
So excited about my next venture. Group and one-on-one classes coming soon.
Full video is available for purchase at

Short hair will never go out of style!
Increase your skills and learn cutting techniques from master stylist ‘Meechie’. This video is a detailed demonstration on how to take your clients hair ...

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