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It is very, very rare that anyone cooperates for a photo lately. #sillystilleysiblings
At some point, Sylvia's cuteness is going to kill us all.
🎶"Hands, touching hands
Reaching out, touching me, touching you....". 🎶#catsofinstagram #chuyandfred
Currently reading. I remember reading the "No Impact Man" blog when I was an undergrad. I found it really inspiring and I started changing things I did to create less waste. @domirillo reminded me of Colin Beavan this week in ...
Forced selfies with your kids are always a must to prove that I still exist.
Sharks need cuddles too. #catsofinstagram
Constant chaos. Not pictured: me cleaning up glass off the floor for 30 minutes because someone knocked it onto the tile floor and Fred eating through my shoe laces for fourth fucking time. #sillystilleysiblings
Full on toddler: one sock, marker all over her leg and Frankenstein walk. NOTHING IS SAFE!
Sylvia always needs major cuddles when I return from work. #mommasgirl
This thing has been harassing me all morning. It keeps showing up around my front door. #nope #imperialmothcaterpillar
Deja vu.
Eldon's First Day of Preschool!!!
The boys said they wanted to play school. So I told them it was quiet reading time at school. 🤣📚🙌 #currentlyreading #mmsreadinglist #bookofthemonthclub #parentinghumor
Took the kids apple picking today. Sylvia was really into the alpacas. 🍏🍎#sillystilleysiblings
May regret the decision to put Jeff's old drum set in the living room, but so far the kids are happy about it. 🥁
The last of those summer nights. ✨
Me: Leland, why are you playing with trash? Him: This look. 😑
Being extra cute today. 😍😍😍😍
Eldon's meet the teacher night for preschool. He starts next week!
Been practicing her walking a lot more the past few days.
I guess they didn't get the no-napping memo. Might as well read until Leland gets home. #semiparentingwin #nevergoingtosleeptonight
A new friend I met on the trail this morning. 🐢
Currently reading. According to Goodreads, this will be number 90 for this year. #currentlyreading #mmsreadinglist #tanafrench
My current read and Sylvia's artwork (#thisiswhywecanthavenicethings). I love all of Jhumpa Lahiri's books. This is a series of short stories and while I usually do not care for short stories, it is enjoyable so far! #currentlyreading #mmsreadinglist #bookclubpick
When we were getting down to the wire of totality. #eclipse2017
I feel like I should be drinking a glass of wine 🍷 while reading this. #currentlyreading #mmsreadinglist
Leland had so much fun at the petting zoo today. But it was so damn hot.

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