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Today's running lesson: WILD SUCCESS! Thanks @arato_girl #pheoberun
#captaincutiemac has another drum performance today!!
I've started running. I'd say it's going PRETTY well! #itwasntamurderer #itwasachildonabike
I was thinking "how can I make myself blend into this white door??....I need to look even more like Casper....OH I KNOW...I'll go bright red!"
This haircut was a hard one for me, no only because his hair was so damn cute the length it was, but because he felt pressure from others to get this one. From people commenting on HIS CHOICE of hairstyle. ...
How are these our first #garagedoorfamily photos?!? @arato_girl
Thank you @artmamacita for convincing my stubborn booty to take cover 6 years ago today. You saved my life, and I'm very much grateful for you.
Sans the cleavage and midriff, I think my accidental Lara Croft is pretty spot on!
I rode bigger rides...but this was more my speed. 🀣 #ninjaturtlelegs
We haven't had a car picnic in SO LONG now that he's a school boy. Today we skipped like the rebels we are, and fixed that! Laughter was had, milk was spilled, bellies and hearts were filled.
I know the real names of these plants, but just like everyone else I know, they get ridiculous names instead! Wanna know your nickname from me? I'll tell ya!
Brought to you by joy, and the desire to never grow up. Oh, and possibly caffeine...
I sense Ganon has been at work here...
🎢 I am a cliche
I am a cliche, I am a cliche
I am a cliche, I am a cliche
I am a cliche you've seen before
I am a cliche that lives next door
I am a cliche ...
You're a wizard, Mackie. ⚑️#captaincutiemac
I can't tell you how many minutes I spend just sitting in my car, giving him some time to nap before we go in after school. I like him and I love him. #captaincutiemac
Post-dance glow β˜€οΈπŸ‘―β˜€οΈ
Any normal, sane, adult like human, would know you shouldn't put a toddler on a roof. I, however, am none of those things.
Photo indicates how we both were standing for about 10 minutes, trying to assess the situation before ...
Must stay entertained and well read on this long, one and a half hour, journey.
Oh. Mu'gush! I cannot even can. Someone grab me a bucket, I'm melting.
Mac killed it at the talent show today! @radkeyrock #captaincutiemac
This is where we all carry our. notes, right? Someone invent some kind of handy sack I can hang over my shoulder, so I don't have to do this.
#captaincutiemac won the poem contest for his grade!!! He hopped in the car, screaming in excitement! He said he almost cried when he heard 😊 I decided to take him for a treat, so of course he chose doughnuts, and ...
When one has Pee-wee type shoes, one must dance like Pee-wee!
Amazon delivery days are like Christmas for the whole house! #captaincutiemac #grizakitty
A poem by #captaincutiemac about who inspires him. He wants to win the contest for school so badly, but I think he's already a winner!! πŸ˜†

Some were good
Others were great
Now I'm going to list
My favorite eight
Getting to work with these kiddos the last few weeks as an educator for @artfeedsnwa has been the very best, to say the least! I came in for my last class today and was give these thoughtful cards by all ...
Yesterday Mac had a moment that made me so proud and so sad, simultaneously. He said "Mom. Did you know that some kids, just 18 or 20 years old, have to go to war? Some die even? That's awful. They're ...
It's even better knowing they're from your own yard 🌺🌼

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