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Digitalis ferruginea bolting up in a tearing hurry to do its thing
Arguably the most beautiful of all variegations - Arundo donax var versicolor
Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ has gone just a little berserk this year
First rays of the sun, directly on Phil Johnson’s waterfall
Wasn’t quite warm enough for it, but I went in anyway!
Hanging out in Phil Johnson’s incredible pool
It’s actually growing there, albeit regrettably over some green fabric. In a client’s garden
The extraordinary copper-pink of Lilium ‘Pearl Jessica’ in Michael Dale’s garden just now
Is there any flower more charming, and less pretentious, than the ladybird poppy? (Here making a guest appearance in the rough and tumble)
And then a few minutes later. I’m just a little obsessed with this planting right now...
Sitting right here, with a drink
Shooting in Vlad Sitta’s ground-breaking ‘Red Garden’ yesterday with the irrepressible Michael Bates, who built the thing!
Finally found a decent context for the generously flowering Triteleia “Queen Fabiola’. It really needs the visual support of surrounding planting to look worthy of a place at all
In a client’s garden
In a client’s garden
In a client’s garden
‘Wildflower’ planting in a Woodend friends garden
My ‘steppe’ planting, at home
shooting Dream Gardens last Friday in Robert Boyle’s creation at ‘The Falls’, Victoria
Opuntia ‘Burbank’s Spineless’ mulches with blue marbles in a client’s garden
Elsewhere at Paripuma. Myoporum laetum overhangs the courtyard entrance.
Data wrangling with the Dream Gardens crew last week, under our oak. Summer hasn’t started yet, but I reckon we’ve had more evenings sitting out there already than we sometimes get over the whole summer
The amazing Paripuma, on the Northeast coast of NZ’s South Island. A grand formal garden made entirely of NZ species
In a client’s garden, last week

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