Michele Maturo | @michelematuro

Making the best of my 10min to spare using @hismileteeth #thehismileexperience
Out here looking like I crawled out of bed because... that’s exactly what I did @lejoliespa
A free spirit, with a wild heart ❤️📌
I’m about to put you all on to @drkanodia90210 skin line I’ve been using and I know you’ll be thanking me in my DM’s

Started taking the antioxidant Amla supplement (Indian gooseberry) daily and it’s helping my skin from the ...
💚 #35mm by @jessieandrews
I’d rather sit alone than sit with bad company
Stopped by @laseraway for a touch up so I can ditch my razor when I leave town 🤘🏽#teamnofuzz
me in the tub for @basicswim
New feature for @galore out now |full story in bio | @marilynhue @kevin.dinh
Morning thoughts 📸 @marilynhue
When your toothpaste gets delivered 😍 @hismileteeth #thehismileexperience
Taking my favorite circuit workouts from #bodyboss Ultimate Fitness Guide outside today @BodyBossMethod is traveling with me wherever I go! Get yours today with my promo code MICHELE10 #bosseffect #ad
If it's right, nothing good gets away.
MUA: @valerie_star
Photog: @martin_depict
🗣I'll speak loudly for those in the back. This post is NOT for attention or any type of corny validation needed from the internet. This post is for girls that have or do feel like me. I've worked so hard ...

Today with @jessieandrews for @basicswim
Double trouble
Learning that not taking a risk is a risk in itself 💭
Let me tell you how I really feel
SLEEPY GIRL but had a special delivery just in time before I left town. Do you get your toothpaste delivered? @hismileteeth #thehismileexperience
Hanging at 1201 b studios wearing @ratandboa
Happiness looks good on me
Can't wait to share with you our next article for @galore! This time @barbiebeth and I picked the brain of a super dope designer.. Photog: @martin_depict
Yesterday I looked like an alien n I liked it 👽
blasè blasè
...goes to yoga twice n I think I've mastered headstands
feelin focused feelin grateful feelin good
my momma don't like you
Photog: @martin_depict
MUA: @valeriestarstyle
Stylist: @kenadisage
Jess took this

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