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Last night I almost set my hair on fire... true story
I like me more
Surprised the love of my life @brianabrancato with 3 dozen roses ... this is also an instagram vs reality .. because clearly.. no chill
Taken at 1:53pm
@themayfairgroup 💚
Sometimes you meet a soul so pure and so rare you know you need to keep them close for life ❤️ I love you to the moon and back
As a part of the #mepluswe campaign and #internationalwomensday, @MeUndies asked me how I celebrate myself and other women around me. Truth is, I celebrate myself and other women by supporting their endeavors, their creativity, and independence. I try to ...
These @sugarbearhair gummies are keepin my locks long and healthy 🤗 Who knows what my hair will look like for Spring? #ad #sugarbearhair
Chillin with @shopstarlow
Sore as hell for 3 days now @fewathletics
Thought about putting a sassy caption but I’m really tryna work on my attitude
This picture is just okay but I’m in a really good mood and want to remember the day forever 💕
Just like me my outfit makes no sense 🤫

Hair so good it could only mean @desiraecherie is responsible and capture from @martin_depict
Where do all the teddy bears go after vday?

@desiraecherie @martin_depict
Step 1: Pamper myself with a bath
Step 2: Add bubbles
Step 3: Apply my fav @CocoAndEve hair masque to finish the job and repair my hair
#cocoandeve #likeavirgin
My goal is to create a life that I don’t need a vacation from 🌴
Can’t complain 💙
Getting ready last night I came out of my room wearing camo pants and a tee & my best friend looked at me and said go back in your room, change, and come back ready. This was the result. Thank ...
Today @jessieandrews & I marched for women’s rights. This isn’t ANTI MEN this is to EMPOWER women to use their voices, to vote for our rights regarding our bodies, and to stand tall and proud. We’re here to spread awareness. ...
At least I like who I’m becoming 😌
Feeling classic in my @fewathletics gear 😍click link in bio to see what I’ve been working on (silently + hard) with my best friend @jessieandrews over the past year!
Shot by #jessieandrews
Treat you like a winner even when you’re losing 🦋
Friend goals
Just trying to put my hair up in peace
New gear always motivates me to go a little bit harder #bodyboss @bodybossmethod #ad #bosseffect
Saturday’s are for feeling pretty and wearing @nastygal #nastygaldoitbetter
This is my year ❤️
Shot by @jessieandrews for @basicswim
How to look like a professional napper while working
Meanwhile shooting and @valerie_star made me kinda cute 😩
Exhibit A: what hanging out with me looks like
I’m definitely not the same person I was a year ago because I’m not even the same person I was 6 months ago. Shout out to embracing growth with poise and letting both the positive and negative experiences in our ...

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