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An amazing meal paired with a fine glass of good company.
Happy birthday to my forever-little Meeks. We are officially growing old together—do you see the smile lines? Happy we got to spend part of your day with you!
Miss McSass with one hand on her trike and the other one holding a tube of butt paste. WHAT OF IT
My kind of store! Dropped in before dinner and looked up from a book to I realize I'd been standing there, lost in the book for ten minutes and the owner didn't say a word. Note to self for my ...
I've been looking forward to this date night with two of my dearest, @yuhannahkim @mskrys, for three months! This is what I'm talking about. Make time for the ones you love, no matter what (and eat damn good food while ...
(a day late, but that's ok. I needed to say my piece for #internationalwomensday)

I learned we were having a daughter just moments after she was born. Days into postpartum, I was still processing the bigness of what it means ...
❤️❤️❤️ My three Valentines, as found in our natural habitat. Here is my messy, loud, funny, happy, tired, playful, stubborn, caring, sweet little family... my perfectly imperfect tribe. I love you!
Today is my big sister's birthday! Couldn't have been luckier to have her in my life growing up. The kindest sister, daughter, friend, wife who is always there for us. Today, my kids are lucky to have such a playful ...
Loving this wave of warm weather and great light in the bay! 🌞🌞🌞
THIS KID. Going full technicolor to commemorate this day with my Ryo ❤️. I'm feeling nostalgic about his last month as a three year old. Our bond has really secured over the past year.
Could it be our conversations, now ...
Moms are the best, especially so when you're sick. I've been craving a Japanese meal and she whipped one up for breakfast. Now how do I get better at making Japanese dishes for my own kids?? #ajimiso #gyoza #ichiyazuke
Family, dim sum, tea, cake, playing ball, driving truck, and dance party... Now that's a party!
Aya means "colorful one", so a color-themed birthday celebration seemed fitting!
We really struck gold with you, baby girl. On this day last year, you came into the world in a hurry, making your place in our family loud and clear. Because of you, Ryo became a big brother, I became ...
FINALLY FLU-FREE in our home! A 48 hour flu, which passes and you think you're in the clear, but then there's a kicker...it comes back for another 48 hours. We got brutally steamrolled last week. Never been so happy to ...
Happy New Year to you all!
No regrets about the baby wearing taking over my best nine. @ayacadabra is the snuggliest!
As you can see, 2017 for me was very much about the transition of becoming a mom to two. ...
Damn proud to be this kiddo's mom! From our mommy-and-me cafe day this weekend 💛
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This year's montage was forced and super stressful. I was looking forward to documenting Aya's first time to the tree farm. But it was raining and windy and Ryo explicitly said he ...
Look at all the children we made together! @yuhannahkim ...the children we made, altogether? #friendssince1992
Coming or going?
Thanks for the cafe tip, @kienn -- from the flower print tea cups to the lox croissant sandwich, it was perfection.
Empty bar. All dressed up and nowhere to go.
Where is everyone?
Seriously, where is everyone?
Popped my cherry. Can't wait to come back again.
With the hottest day of the year comes an epic, and very welcome, sunset.
Baby girl is 7 months old! Fitted in the cutest threads from @makejusmile, on a quilt made by @harpski. You are so loved, Aya-baya! ❤️💜❤️
The Color Factory, aka Selfie City, did not disappoint! We spent the whole time taking silly selfies, practicing J-pop poses that we Googled on the Lyft ride there.

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