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Today i cooked for the first time and by cooking i mean i mixed rice with cheese and my friend did the rest because my cooking sucks big time
Being asked a question by the teacher in class when you weren’t raising your hand is worse than being in a criminal interrogation- never been in one but my heart stopping as soon as my teacher says my name can ...
The worst thing ever is when you know the rhythm of a song and you like it but don’t know the lyrics, the name or the artist and focus your mind on trying to find it but you don’t, and ...
I added woman to my spotify playlist and my dad follows it because it has some good ass songs and he almost unfollowed it because he saw harry in it but ended up liking it aha
If you could change your name to anything what would you change it to?
So today i saw my dad cry for the second time in my life and it was because we were listening to the song “Don’t Dream It’s Over” so let me share with you the advice he just gave me: ...
So i’ve finally decided that at 20k i’m donating my hair and i’m so happy, even if i don’t get to 20k ever or if ig just dies and doesn’t work anymore i’m still donating it
Today my friend wanted me to try tampons for the first time how do they feel? I’m afraid they like will get stuck up there
Two first pic creds to: @ophelia.kinney
This is hands down the only meme that deserves to be in the list of good memes of 2018
Why did the boy bury his flashlight? Because the batteries died *ba dum tss* i’m sorry that was a terrible joke
School is sucking my soul out and draining my heart, and then i remember that harry didn’t even finish school
I can’t say “what is love” without singing it OR adding “baby don’t hurt me” in my head
You know i don’t understand the new meme because i don’t know if the krusty krab is showing the better thing and chum bucket the worse one or the other way round jsjsjsjs
Okay but guys lets remember that blake shelton was 2017’s sexiest man alive wow what has the world come to
I bet you $10383837228292827373727189238474737281 you didn’t read the whole number
So i have a little mole on my chin and it’s probably the only mark on my face and people always mistake it for like some chocolate bit and if i had a dollar someone tried to wipe it off ...
How does he manage to look amazing in legit every suit he wears?? He could wear a suit full of holes in it and still look amazing
The thing i hate the most in the world is that spotify ad where there’s like water and ice pouring and it just ahhhh it makes me wanna like throw up everytime the sound of it is just jsjsjsjs
I found a video of me singing at a 1d concert and i tried doing zayn’s “rock me YEAAhhhhhhHHHHHHjsnsksks” part and oh my god i sound like a dying cow i’m so sorry for everyone who was around me
My Biology teacher likes us to call her mum, step it up it doesn’t get weirder than that
Harry looking like a founding father today inspired me to ask you which is your favourite president of the US?
I wonder if harry ever wakes up like “what a nice day to ruin lives today” bECAUSE LIKE HE JUST KILLED ME TODAY I AM NOT HERE I AM DECEASED !!!
The danny the vito video of him as an m&m and martyna are the best things on earth
If you could ask one question to harry and he has to answer, what would it be?
My friend bullies me because i once MISTAKENLY said that dogs come from eggs
Imagine harry writing a song about you like, him writing about me would be: “You're bo-o-ring,
Don't know what for,
You're turning heads when all you do is post all da-a-ay
Don’t need make up ‘Cause you know you can’t
Now i’d sell a kidney to go to one of harry’s concerts, anyone wanna buy?
Now i’m peeing because i can imagine him backstage before the concert like “i’m gonna tell this people to SING IT knowing damn well they won’t know the lyrics and most of them will be too dead to be understanding ...
Are you seeing harry this year?

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