Naomi Brewer | @naomibrew

Em bought me flares cos I love hers so much.. 🔮 #discodisco
Hard day in the office today 🙄#thaiicecream
Winner winner, duck and dim sum dinner 🍱
The A-Z of Bahn mi 🌯 #vietnamesefood
Meaty lunch 😋
Cheeky Mexicans 🌶🍸
Day off well spent w/ doggies and views 🌳
Sunny sundayz spent with the fam 🌞🏡
It's happening 😁 O2 Academy Leeds is now a Ticketmaster outlet.. Can tell I'm getting old when I'm getting excited laminating ffs.
End of an era working with this cheeky chap @davidjosephroman , yes I am gonna miss you for the 6th time but at least I won't have anyone steal all my food anymore and ruin walking dead 😏 Good luck ...
Showing my inner self 🐍 x
Accidentally exploring London whilst searching for the tube, directions are definitely not my strong point.. 🚇🇬🇧
Training the little man to be the next John Whitaker/Tony Mccoy 🏇
Bank holiday Monday frolics 🐶🌿
Hacienda Orchestra 🎻🎼📦
Parkway Drive last night giving it some 🤘#moshpitsfordays
Sunny Sunday's visiting the hometown and my first home 🏡🌞
Such an amazing experience having an artist you love playing in the venue you work in.. thanks stormz xo #merky
Active evening off playing spider monkeys 🐒
Cheeky trip to see my mate Craig D with the work family 👋 First time in a box and I'm a big fan.. #mansgotbars #garageset #craigdavid #16
Went to check out Jumbo's new digz today, look at that comfy record corner! 💽🎧
Monday's are mission 2 😏 #baenight #reunited
When Liam slaves away for HOURS to make me a roast dins 😍 #shearsyardpackup
Thanks to the woman who's put with me for 21 years and still thinks I'm a little angel 👼🏽 #happymothersday #ishowedherthis #stillcounts
Night off treats 😋
Sunday dinner club was pretty special this week tbh #vietnamesefood #bahnmi #pho #curryfriedrice 🍱🍷

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