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Ready to get fired up, nigga?
Damn those mothrrfuckin lightning bolts
Natsu the nigga
Damn nigga
Natsu's scarf?
Damn those teeth look dope
I can't hear you
Say my name.
And the cheerful Prinz Eugen
The beautiful Ritsu Tainaka~
The lovely and charming Kosaki Onodera~
Like this body :3
And the most unforgettable one, Jude and Lucy.
It's sad to see Lucy not being treated well at the beginning with Jude, but at the end, it's all too late. Rest in peace, man.
All those months watching Fairy Tail, ...
Not to mention, Laxus and Makarov too!
Good old times... :')
#fairytail #fathersday
Happy Father's Day! Here's Cana and Gildarts from Fairy Tail!

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