Night Shift | @nightshiftquotes

"And they say most couples should start with a plant." "Nah, we're way past plants." {2x4, Jordan & TC}
"I've been unhappy for a while now, and I didn't know how to handle it." {Shannon & Jordan, 4x10}
"Anyway, you hit like a girl. Good, girls rule." {1x3, Topher}
"Sometimes disappointing the people you love is a part of life, it sucks but it's your life, you have to do what's right for you" {4x10, Shannon}
"Jordan's gonna fall for this guy. She's never gonna marry you." {1x7, Thad, Topher & TC}
"I'm moody and irritable because you're treating me like I'm weak." {3x7, Topher, Tc & Jordan}
"TC and I, we're not perfect, but we love each other." { 2x7, Jordan & Gwen }

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