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someone tagged me in this collection of illustrations, and i realized..that's me! the artist is @janiewhateva and her site has her portfolio she has tons of sick pieces/collections, and you can even get something commissioned, so follow her and ...
November is the month to celebrate the beautiful trans* community.

#translivesmatter #transawarenessmonth
"I’m gay. I’m tired.

They want people to give blood, but it’s gay people who need the blood and it’s gay people who can’t donate. But we’re in crisis mode! 'We’ll take your tainted gay blood for today only!' I’m ...
"To the scientist, the universality of physical laws makes the cosmos a marvelously simple place. By comparison, human nature — the psychologist's domain — is infinitely more daunting." — Neil deGrass Tyson
#lavenderceiling #dissertation #leadershipgap #lgbt #feminism #psychology #phdproblems #neildegrassetyson
"But which of you can embody both swans? The white and the black?" - Thomas Leroy | Black Swan
"I’m tired of listening to the Anita Bryants twist the language and the meaning of the bible to fit their own distorted outlook. But I’m even more tired of the silence from the religious leaders of this nation who know ...
Cap'n Crunch Berries pancakes, vanilla-infused butter, condensed milk syrup. #foodporn #renzocooks #breakfast #dessert #oneinthesame

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