Cassidy Rutherford | @ohhellosunny

Some more shots from after the show 💓
This show was one heck of a ride. Thanks for everything, Elle.
TFW you realize your back is getting wet and you almost fall into a fountain
Everyone had a different definition of what silly meant
Sum more prom pics
Prom is a thing that happened
I'm an adult!
When you accidentally trespass on private property
When Publix has a cool door
Senior photos ✔
Early birthday at the Renaissance Faire!
I went to a dance, did some jazz squares, drank some water. It was a good night
A wholesome meal
When they tell you you don't know how to pick up chicks
#flthespians #thespiansassemble
Maybe we'd better go home, maybe we'd better go home
Throwback to forcibly making my brother smile (he went one short joke too far)
We look like bridesmaids for a super cheesy wedding... Come see our Night of Musical Theatre, Friday night at the sun city center United Methodist Church! $8 for students, 10 for everyone else!
Saw WICKED tonight! I cried 6 times. Maybe more..
I believe the words that left my mouth were "NO WAY"
The gangs all here! Come see Lost In Yonkers tonight through Friday! It starts at 7 and it's $5
Congration, you done it!
Happy Christmas from your friendly neighborhood Jedi! 🌲
Christmas house was pretty great
Still reeling from two weeks ago. I can't wait to go back!!
🎵 Follow me, boys, follow me! Pick em up, put em down and follow me! 🎵
Behold! Long lost footage of my dad being a huge dork! (It's genetic)

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