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Bassmaster Southern open didn't go as planned, found allot of fish in practice but water levels rose and they moved! The only 5lber I could salvage! Today with 3 others, will be back next Saturday for the flw costa event. ...
Graphed lake chickamauga for about 9 hrs today, my view most of the day, besides the rain! #lowrancefishing
Spending time with my angel this weekend in Illinois. A lot different than in SC for sure.
Cool shot of a huge pod of bait shaped like a fish in submerged trees, taken off the hds gen 3 12's. #lowrance #lowranceprostaff #lowrancestructurescan
Couple of screenshots from my Lowrance Gen 3 12's. You are looking at a sunken railroad on down imaging and side imaging on lake Russell #lowrance #lowranceprostaff #lowrancestructurescan
Bassmaster Classic tow rig contest #kmctowrigcontest #kmcwheels @lunkerchasers @crossedindustries @kmcwheels
Another one of God's beautiful sunsets on a FL lake!
The nastiest swim jig on the market! Check them out @gmoneyjigs !best jigs on the market! Thanks guys u have done it again!
That bedding season is just around the corner! See the 2 fish on bed? Better get your lowrance dialed in!!!!!
#lowrance #lowrancefishing #lowranceguru
Talk about getting your blood pumping , 4ft mud fish under a mat at the BIG O last week, biggest I've ever seen, bigger than a grass carp!
Cool shot from @outdoorshooter this morning launching, gotta fish clean tomorrow to have a chance!
Huge shout out to @nuthreadz for getting another fantastic jersey here for the first Tourney! I think we nailed it Sara! If u need a custom jersey checkout Best around by far!!!!!!! Let's get this party started!
Fl piggy!
Words can't express! Love this place! Living the dream, fishing is getting better everyday. #harrischain #bassmasteropen
This fella had a bad attitude, got mud on me and my boat after his little episode of trying to be still to all of a sudden acting a fool.#tomanytoofies #fatgator #harrischain #bassmasteropen
For 2017 I have joined The Russell Marine Prostaff, great company with tons of new products! Pictured is the power-pole anchor light great addition, lots of other goodies at Vented engine cover, Lowrance transducer mounts and alot more! Check ...
Cannot express how important a great line sponsor is! Needed some new boxes for Fl and some line to start the season off, @hiseasfishingline is hands down the best line and accessories on the market! @carpenter_shawn you sir are the ...
8hrs later we finished the base layer, just got to add my name and rest of the sponsors, huge shout out @lunkerchasers for the help, and Hank Oshields for letting me borrowing his garage to wrap it on the "snow ...
Me and Glenn Browne running a little river in about a foot of water maybe a little more! Can't wait to get back to Harris chain next week @brownefishing
Looking forward to 2017, wrapping the boat this weekend, and then leaving for FL the following weekend. Working with some great companies for 2017 lots of pics and announcements to come!!!!
Tightlines UV Hybrid in Texas craw was a nasty combination. #prototype testing,
Merry Christmas from my family to yours. We wish u the best!

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