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Handy tool.
Gelato Pops - so good
Stay tuned...
It's Humpday. Grab a drink, your mustache, and the soon to be released Freight Sans Pro Ad Package
Freight Sans Hairline - March 2018
Coming soon, GarageFonts will unveil the new Freight Sans Pro Ad Package
Pay #homage that it's Friday and you get a free t-shirt with any Garage Font's order
Last week we sent out our monthly #newsletter. This month’s issue includes:
✔️How to choose the right #font
✔️25% off Village Pro No. 2 and Winchell
✔️Much, much more!

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New design coming March 2018 - Freight Sans Ad Package #freight #typefont #type
More alphabets & soups
ITC Alphabets & Soups by Mo Lebowitz
Wall of type
P22 Nicholas Cochin and Fournier Le Juene at Phil's
Karnak Pro
Homage Script and Homage Condensed
From around 1920
Next week - Freight Round
Homage Script just released on free t-shirt with order
Shirts just arrived. Big announcement next week.
Almost done
Coming very soon

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