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The Voyager spacecrafts each carry a golden disc, a record containing photographs, sounds and music from planet earth. These are some of the photos.
Voyager II is traveling at 35,000 mph. Voyager I and II are the farthest man made objects in space and will likely be earth's last distant remnants. A reminder to those that find it that we were here. Assuming someone ...
Yeah, pretty much. 🙄
I was watching The View the other day and Keke Palmer's response to Meaghan McCain's question surprisingly resonated with me; I can't help but agree with what she says and how she says it. Above all else, I'm really trying ...
So, who's going to ask Debra Messing if the extras on Will and Grace should be paid the same as a lead? I don't know who's valuable at E! Entertainment, but clearly some are worth more than others. I don't ...
Keep smiling through
Just like you always do
'Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away
But when push comes to shove...but man, avoid war.
Scary ass shit. The world is in a mess. That's why I'm always talking about death. It's not that I want to be depressing but I feel like humans are so far detached from mortal concepts that it's easy to ...
We are truly living with the walking dead. What a douche.
Human stupidity will be our downfall. It said Dotard in the fourth box, but I erased it. It doesn't matter which political party is in office or who is running the country. Human nature is human nature and no political ...
Beings always fighting 🙄
Lois' keeping it real.
Some anti/pro liberal/conservative memes. This is what living in a bubble looks like. Both sides revel in their beliefs. That's why talking about politics is a huge challenge because you're not just talking about facts, you're talking through your bias ...
Whatever you call yourself, don't forget that you're human above all else.
People are more than their political beliefs. People are more than they appear to be. Despite her shameless attention-getting pop star schtick, Lady Gaga uses her celebrity to do a lot of good. She's got a good heart. She's not ...
Understanding the great divide.
- - -
We have retreated to assumptions, stereotypes and reinforcing our beliefs. Understand your biases. Take the time to ask yourself why you believe certain things. Change starts with you.
Say no to divide and conquer!!
Subtle changes lead to big consequences. Seriously. So, yeah, they're taking us with them.
Weird science.
I'm not for nitpicking President Trump, but there's a lot of misguided information here. This isn't how climate change/global warming works.
Yeah, it really is.
Our planet is an island, surrounded by darkness and silence.
Anything that has traces of humanity are things that I'm drawn to because they are things that reveal the human experience. Tears, joy, smiles are some of the things that make us human. We are more than our political beliefs. ...
"You have a right to refuse his order and I guarantee you're going to die if you touch me and there's no afterlife. Everything just goes black."
Hmm, that's actually a very interesting statement.
A French civilian cries in despair as Nazis occupy Paris during World War II.
- - -
Would he be labeled a snowflake?
Humans, Earth's virus.
This is fine.
Jesus/Allah/Odin/Zeus/whoever didn't save the dinosaurs.
She's 100% accurate.
Rock on.
This video is fake but he's talking about some real shit. Today it's liberal insanity, tomorrow it's conservative lunacy followed by religious warfare then economic depression or whatever matter will plague human existence...until an asteroid wipes out humanity, rendering every ...

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