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Sometimes the kids just keep snapping and we end up with some fun, unplanned candids. I kinda love this one with my guy. #latergram #fathersday #sobehind #portroyal #southcarolina
My favorite hang out.
Added a little extra love to my breakfast today. Happy Valentine's Day!
When you have a beautiful weekend in February you pack up and head to the beach. #kiawah #beachtherapy #dogsofinsta #ratterrier
Just sorting through old files. Cumberland Island was a fav. #georgia #wildhorses #nature #jj_forum_1783
More winter. Because it visits so rarely here. #winter #southcarolina #jj_forum_1782
South Carolina got a dusting of snow this morning. Just enough to make a snowball before it all melted-- and they are calling it the "Blizzard of 17". 😂 #winter #chapin #southcarolina
Snuggles and cocoa. The perfect way to spend our last day of break.
Who doesn't love barbecues at the lake three days before Christmas? No complaints here. South Carolina has been good to me.
I thought it would be fun to cut our own tree this year so we hiked several miles at a local tree farm and came home with a Fraser Fir that had already been cut and shipped in from North ...
SanDiego goodness. Photo cred to @regred49. #california #getaway
I finally found "fall" today. No easy task around these parts. Maybe it'll start to feel like it soon? #southcarolina #notsweaterweatheryet #october
Happy October, friends. My favorite month.
The heavens unleashed buckets of rain today. And Frasier wasn't such a fan of the loud booms. Hoping it brings cooler weather? (fingers crossed) #rain #southcarolina #moodygram #jj_forum_1674
Happy September. I actually snapped this yesterday before Hermine started. Today is much soggier out there but I think that's about all that we'll get here in the greater Columbia area. We're stocked up on snacks and catching up on ...
Muggy mornings and blankets of clouds. #southcarolina
Too bad this is so impractical and costly for my driveway.
Love the architecture and unique charm of Charleston.
This times two this week. I don't recommend having kids a day apart. And definitely not the same week as school registration! ha! #feelingpoor #partiedout #therewereotherpeopleintheroom

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