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I don't buy cleaning products. It's much easier & healthier to make your own, like this glass cleaner made with white vinegar & water.
My mind has been cluttered with fear & discomfort this past year. So many changes and so much more to come. At times all I can do is block out the negativity in my mind and push forward. A simple ...
Dumbbell All Around Shoulder Press, 1 of my favourites & part of my new Fit Gurus dropset workout called Pump Fiction! Download the app today!
Don't be surprised if people start singing the Smelly Cat song to you after you finish my Smelly Cat total body tabata workout. Because you're gonna be one Smelly Cat!
Waiting for the rainy days to end so we can rip apart this old camper & start building our tiny house! If I could only silence all of the negative voices in my head telling me we can't do it...they're ...
You could buy an expensive face mask, but why not make your own? Just add coconut oil & baking soda to form a paste.
I don't like avocados but seeing as they're so insanely good for you I've found different ways to incorporate them into my nutrition.
Exercise from my MMA inspired Fit Gurus workout. Take out your frustrations on a workout #becausekickingstupidpeopleinthefaceisillegal.
It can be so frustrating trying to follow all the health and nutrition "rules" these days. I always research things for myself to sort through all the crap and try to keep it simple.
Life can be stressful & challenging at times. Try the garland pose when seeking calmness & grounding.
Activated charcoal whitens teeth, purifies water, makes a great face mask & is essential for a first aid kit to treat ingestion of poisons.
There are many different methods & factors that will help you recover from your workouts.
There are so many ways to diversify your workouts. Try my 21 Buns workout on the Fit Gurus app!
I always train barefoot. Barefoot training increases body awareness, improves balance and places the foot in it's most natural state. This is important because the position of the foot affects multiple areas in the body. Your feet are your shock ...
#tbt to our outdoor, off grid bathroom that I built last summer!
I ate pizza & cake multiple times last week! Time to get some simple healthy meals in my belly. #perfectionisoverrated
If you think regular kettlebell swings are hard, try these suckers on for size!
TBT to backcountry camping in Temagami, with our baby. Missing you everyday Dakota.
Motivation Monday! Care to join me for the next 4 weeks of workouts? Start my KettleDum program with me today on Fit Gurus!
Flowers of sulphur is a natural mineral that has been used to remedy a variety of ailments for centuries. I use it for my skin and as a flea treatment for pets. Mix enough coconut oil with your FOS to ...
I love pasta! I like to use organic brown rice noodles & I make my own sauce IF I have time. Do what works for you, perfection is overrated.
Roses are red, violets are blue. I love kettlebells and so should you!
Fancy a challenge? Try my Plankdemonium workout on the Fitgurus app!
Do yourself a favour & make your own vitamin water. Store bought brands are basically junk food with added vitamins and minerals.
No amount of eating healthy will give you a six pack. #absarentmadeinthekitchen
Even if you don't feel it, sometimes you just have to pretend.
Happy #stpatricksday & 8 yr anniversary with my sexy lover! Diggin my #thickthighs in this pic, time for some #gains! #itsfridaymadarfacker
Making your own juice is a simple way of avoiding processed sugar. Brew some of your favourite tea, add some cane sugar, lemon & ice.
Big muscles are great but you also need to be able to work with your own body weight.
Crow pose with an accidental underwear show.

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