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Time to put on the ls2 @wiringspecialties harness on the engine and drop her in! Can’t wait for the finished product! Also.. uploading 2 videos tomorrow if all goes to plan! Ones a little different but if you can watch ...
Sr20 Roadster update: put the solid frame rails in, undercoated everything so it won’t rust, also started to clean the bay and wow is that fucking tedious! Definitely still got some work to do but today’s project is getting the ...
Got a lot done last night got the dash out, took everything out of the engine bay, took the diff out. Tonight’s project is to start cleaning the bay and get the metal frame rails mounted! Video is in my ...
Pulling the dash to get then wire harness out and getting everything out of the engine bay to get it ready for some paint. Let’s see how far I get tonight😊
Which ones better?
Mixtape dropping soon 🔥🔥 #notreally
If only everyday could be like this... Ricermiata giveaway video is in 45min get ready!!!!
Really like saying rage it so I️ decided to make it a shirt! Links in my bio 😊
YouTube live around 11? See @hybridz32 vape when he loses to ping pong
Supra: @karloz_a80
New rental check out the vid in my bio @hp_logic
A wild Pico appears @sithlordsoup #hellingtonflorida
Throwback to spitting 🔥 @hp_logic we’ll be there soon 😉 but I’m making this post because @_marcus_parks_ Mr. Zikus and I️ are going to a skatepark today and we wanna play call the shots comment what tricks you wanna see ...
Wish me luck! My friend said these trails are ballsy but will the forester make it 🤔🤔🤔
Finally found a transmission for the skyline! Will it fit in the trunk?
Just installed rear windows on the ls2 e36 and @domrtndo mounted the hydro and running brake lines tomorrow!! It’s getting there!!
What is going on rn....
Gave my first tattoo today on @jeffreyash go give him a follow for following through with the bet!!! Videos In my bio!
Today is officially the last day! Last chance to enter! Links in my bio
Terrible picture but I had to get it out there 😍 video is FINALLY up been slacking hard but I’ll make a come back 😊 links in my bio friends.
Had to drive on the side walk but the picture was worth it😎 goodbye Canada 🇨🇦
Lift works abs delete is done @domrtndo did a awesome job. Hopefully going to put the engine in today if I ever get done with the dmv today. Videos up links in bio!
Go check out the new vid links in my bio!
Good as new #buildingshit
Getting ready for that snow tonight
Engine is ready to go in the car, and more skyline parts😉 videos in my bio
Soon... 😎 #letsbuildsomeshit
Support the cause and buy a sticker. Let’s build some shit! Link in my bio
Moving day
Sold the ls1, on to better things 🤷🏿‍♂️ links in bio
All the skyline parts came in videos up👊🏿 links in my bio

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