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To bad I'm the only one going to drift this weekend πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ @spencerives @devon0804
Shop is coming along can't wait till tomorrow!
It's already a love hate relationship 😍😑 Video up later I'm running around atm..
Big moves being made here at the rodknock modshop!!!
I hate how they're trying to make YouTube "pg" like this video got copyrighted because i said something dumb (joking of course) I loved YouTube the most because it was your own tv show and had no limits, now they're ...
@devon0804 and I just took this thing for a hot lap and man did it feel good drifting this thing! Need to tweak a couple things but I think I'm going to @lockcitydrift_ on the 26th!
@tommyfyeah and I just made our first video on CornerBalanced so if you guys actually wanna see good car content I suggest you go click the link in my bio and hit that subscribe button asap because we're not messing ...
Everybody go watch my new video rn! It's sooo funny lol shut down the restaurant! The manager and Co worker battled for some money and it got ugly... If your an OG and you wanna help the video out go ...
Where going to be at this meet tonight come say hi, thinking about doing a food challenge there with you guy's me v.s. 4 others, who wants to battle? πŸ€”πŸ€”
Mike over at @dip_creations is killing it! Put the base coat down and I'm so excited for the end result! Stay tunedπŸ˜‰
Dropped my car off yesterday at @dip_creations can't wait to see what it comes out like!!! New video is up go check it out links in my bioπŸ‘Š
So I do not want my 240 any more so I'm parting the whole thing out lmk if you guy's need anything
Asd hydro- $160
Isr hydro (brand new) $90
Stock s14 wheels- $200
Cx racing inter cooler- $50
Tein ...
Got my car on a dyno today @efilogics gave me and @tommyfyeah some dyno time go check them out!!
Got messed up on the grom yesterday! Go check out the video, links in my bio πŸ‘πŸ‘
Best birthday ever!! Not... probably no video tomorrow because I no longer have a camera. Goodbye $1500 hello 20's!
Pretty stoked got a lot done today on the ls1! Changed both knock sensors, got new injectors, fixed my power steering, and @earlym916 tuned the car! Haven't driven it yet still gotta put the exhaust on but idles good so ...
@spencerives drive his car for the first time!!!😱 Video is in my bio check it out! (I'm flipping off @davidlambb because he left me in Florida and made me drive home alone 😞)
Does anybody have one of these that's local around Ct? Really need this to tune my car and I'm trying to save myself $500 please comment below if you can help me out!
Missing a day because we've been grinding in making this super custom down pipe haha hopefully at the end this will all work out!
@tommyfyeah @will_guido @devon0804
Got the new turbo installed with a nice 30min video! Hope you guy's enjoy, this thing rips! Links in my bioπŸ‘Š
Very excited to throw this bad girl into the car 😈😈 #gt2860rs
Final day to pick up your shirt! At midnight they'll be gone forever, LAST CHANCE! Links in my bio
New video is up! Spent a lot time editing it so let me know what you think! Go to my bio and check out the shirts they only for sale until Sunday night!! @topmiata #topmiata
No video tonight I don't like posting at night so I'm trying to get into a daytime routine and by doing that I have to skip a day maybe a live stream tonight? πŸ€”
#topmiata #roadster #looksslammed
Quality is not that good but my car shoots o's better then @will_guido πŸŽ₯ @devon0804 @topmiata #topmiata
This right here is hands down already my favorite car I've ever owned me and @will_guido put her to the test last night and it was amazing haha sadly it wasn't filmed but it was the best driving experience of ...
Go watch the new video @will_guido got a new girlfriend and she's a straight up flamerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ go to my bio and buy a shirt!!!
I'm in love with this shirt! Worked with @flipzco @lit_af_comics to make this happen and it's perfect, pre order is only out for a week so don't miss out links in my bio πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
Ferrari video is up go watch the cringe! Links in my bio😊
Digging the new camera setup what restaurant am I at..?

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