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Ross on set of Sabrina
Cole with fans today!
Vanessa’s Instagram story!
I’m so ready for this. Filming has begun
Shaving buddies @colesprouse @thejordanconnor
She looks so adorable
Camila and Charles 🖤
KJ and Cole together with a fan today!
KJ’s Party shirt though
I am gonna miss the Cast filming together
Two more days....
You’re either Vanessa in this picture or Jordan 😂 I’m Vanessa
I got new rules I count them
Riverdale Meets Greendale
Can we just appreciate Lili’s beauty?
Ross and Abbey in Vancouver getting ready to film The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
About last night....
Camila’s Instagram story!
Can we just talk about Jordan for a moment in this photo? 😂
Lili with a fan last night!
In the background of this video people are saying that Cole and Lili are kissing, swipe for the pictures. What do you guys think? I’m not one to assume things and I don’t want to invade their privacy. I am ...
Sabrina begins to film tomorrow!
Since the Sabrina cast was at the Riverdale Season Two wrap up party and are in Vancouver. I imagine they’ll start filming there soon.
Polaroids from Riverdale season two wrap up party!
Camila singing Kodak Black at the season two wrap up party last night
Charles last night at the Season Two Wrap up party for Riverdale
@jaw posted this Of KJ 😍
Betty is so smart and Chic is just plain creepy

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