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BEHIND THE SCENES: Day 2 in Dallas! ❤️ Tomorrow is the big day. Come to Twin Peaks West Des Moines and watch Jaime LIVE @ the National Bikini Contest. The show starts at 8pm! Drink specials all night.. In honor ...
GO BEST FRIEND GO BEST FRIEND!!! Next stop: Dallas, Tx 💕✈️👑 ❤️🎉😘
To vote Jaime for Miss Popular 2017, text "ALLSTAR 75" to 27126!!! 😘
Nova you are so loved, you have no idea💕🎉🐾 HBD baby girl!
Love being an aunt to the best puppy in the world💕
MISS TWIN PEAKS WEST DES MOINES 2017👑💕❤️🎉 Come to Twin Peaks on June 28th to watch @jaimesonlynn LIVE from Dallas, Tx at the National Bikini Contest!! Show starts at [email protected] #represent #bikinicontest @twinpeakswdsm
Throw back because it's that time of year for TPG's.. so exciting ❤ Bittersweet cheering a girl from my store on at nationals! MANAGER POLO 4 LYFE🤓 @twinpeaksrestaurants @twinpeakswdsm #bikinicontest
the loves of my life💕💕
Live. Laugh. Love. Twin Peaks.
Do you want the opportunity to have the most fun you will ever have at work while making lots of $$$$? We are accepting applications for Twin Peaks Girls to be a part of our team in West ...
my best friend is the baddest😻👅🔥 like seriously look at her.. 👑
Love you to the 🌙 and back Peyton! 🎀🎂💕 Happy birthday nugget, I cannot believe you are 3! XO
So happy to see my sister @madelinemarieexo happy! Nobody deserves happiness as much as her. Doing her thing behind the bar, saving her money, and being so I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T 💁🏼👑 Today was fun (thanks for the cocktails🍹) and just so you ...
where I wanna be.. and who I wanna be there with ☀️🌺🌴👯 @madelinemarieexo
Thank you so much to everyone at Twin Peaks Irving😿❤ 7 weeks wasn't enough time. Love y'all SO much and miss ya already! #twinpeaksirving @twinpeaksirving @twinpeaksrestaurants
I met @belenygarciaa in Michigan at a new store opening for Twin Peaks and then we both got to open the Seattle store together. (Two of my favorite openings) Now I'm in her home state training and she came to ...
Thank you SO much @kelsieee01 for the yummy cupcakes and for making me laugh everyday. You are just as pretty on the inside girl 💕😘 MISS YOU ALREADY! #twinpeaksirving @twinpeaksrestaurants
Friday is my last day at Twin Peaks in Irving and I'm really going to miss all the girls, cooks, bussers, barbacks and the whole management team!😿❤ #mit #irvingtexas #twinpeaks @twinpeaksrestaurants @twinpeakswdsm See you soon Iowa ✌🏽🏡
you are enough, a thousand times enough ☮️😇💕 #carpenoctem #loveyourself
good vibes good vibes ☮️🌈💕 😋
every bitches fave filter 🖤🔥 .
. @kyliecosmetics #poisek #snapchat #lumeeselfie #texas
Wrapping up week 5! Time has never gone by this fast #bittersweet 😩❤#mit #twinpeaksirving @twinpeaksrestaurants .
Go follow @twinpeakswdsm on Instagram to see all of the beauties at my store! See ya in 15 days Iowa 🎉
a little less talk and a little more action 😌
It's true, I do #31moredays
The other night my dad and I were talking on the phone for almost two hours. (I miss him so much❤) We talked about everything from work to stories from when I was little. One thing (person) we spent a ...

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