sasu is dead rip☻ | @sasucchi95

#sasucchi_yuki stole husbando's clothes lol
Angry child :0 #sasucchi_yoru
Quick doodle of hinata
i didnt draw her for so long :") shes so fun to color tbh
شكلي اذا انسرقت رسماتي😹😹😹😹😹😹💔💔💔💔
hello this is sasucchi who doesn't give a shit about her exam today and cant memorize anything and decided to throw the book away and doodle shitty things like the trash/poop she is ☻ nice to meet u. 💔☻ #منتهيةنهائيا ...
reposts cuz i fixed somethings xWx;;
do not repost without a permission or a credit in ur caption!!!!!
I'm boredd ;;;
i have an English Exam tomorrow but i don't want to studyy cuz theres nothing new to study tbh .__.;;
i'll finish my finals on may 25
it will be on Thursdayyy ( ´Д`);; one more course ...
throws this oldshithere
( ´Д`)
male Yuki
female yoruu
colored sketch commission for @wintaahysteriaa
dp doodle~
before and after shading
used a ref~
colored sketch commission for Nikiki_Chi on twitter
Used a ref :0 #sasucchi_yuki
اقول شلون الامتحانات وياكم؟😹😹😹😹😹😹 انا نفسيتي صاكه ما قدرت احفظ شي من الصبح🌚😹😹😹😹😹😹 #سيحذف
colored sketch commission for stellaceria on twitter
idk dont ask LMAO .
used 7 colors for this
dp doodle~ thank u for joining it was fun!
some and join me and michi on drawpile! you should download drawpile and after downloading it, go to and choose michiroon Room.
if it didnt work, copy this link drawpile:// then open drawpile and choose session>join then paste the ...
Art trade with @chariko.ko ❤️
I'm so sorry for being super late on my part :")💔💔💔
its actually fun to do xD
ofc i will not keep drawing in this style x"D its just testing haha;;; but its fun to draw in this style from time to time :") ~
i used sai + photoshop to ...
well i tried ;---;
its just not my thing x"D
trying something different ;-;
quick doodle for @aya.ttk ~~ i used dreamself for a help!

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