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Today was good💜
I've been so mysteriously sick for almost 3 weeks now, and it's been ROUGH. Today is the first day I finally felt like "me" again. No more swelling or pain, and very little fatigue and faintness. Just ...
👆🏼True Story. And today these 2 cuties are celebrating 47 years of marriage!! That's a lot of years of kisses and poo! Thanks M&D for showing us that mutual love and respect truly can last a lifetime💕😘💩💕
Hey Dad - remember that time when you went to the hospital to bring home a baby, but then you came home with TWO?! So proud to be your best surprise ever! There truly is not a greater man in ...
Happy birthday to my boo-thang! Been attached to your hip since the day we chose each other. I love you more than pizza and almost as much as chocolate! 😋
Today was Sunday. It was Fun.
Made my mama brunch today and spent the afternoon laughing with my sweet family. I got a little emotional when I realized how lucky I am to live in these moments. God really truly blessed me with this wonderful human💕
#twinning at our 6th annual Derby party at @orchard_pond_farm 🏇
And this year was a bonus engagement celebration for my sis and bro-to-be💍
What a beautiful turn out, and such a love-filled day💜
Swipes ➡️
Happy Hump Day!🐫
Catch. Kiss. Release.🐟
GA Peaches in the Big Apple.
Happy birthday @jburkhart!!!
Swipey swipe -->
Everything here in NYC is amaze. I even snap chatted for the first time in "3 years" ---> 👻shellipoole
@jburkhart @chaselifewithkelly @lmm124 @ashhess @reb.terry @emilyraque
When you've all been friends since middle school and you spend an entire night dancing to songs from high school you end up with a night you will never forget💕 CONGRATS TO OUR PERFECT KIMMIE!! So much love to you ...
Today this little guy turns 7 in human years 💚
What would I do without this sweet face?! Happy birthday my little gem, my snuggle butt, my Rango Boo!
We woke up like this💛
When you swear it's "just dinner", "one glass of wine", "I swear"... Those nights always turn to gold✨
#girlsnight #youneedthis #quadplusone #noyoumaynotjoinourtable #nope #whatcolormoodareyou #ohheyiknowyou #yep
When I love, I am LOYAL to the end. That's why I'm still telling y'all about @fabfitfun. I was a subscriber for years before I was ever on #bigbrother. Now I'm just lucky enough to spread the word -- use ...
This bitch ain't basic
Nothing to see here... Just busting a move in a famous Men's bathroom 💃🏼 #hermitagehotel #familyvacay #nashville
Making me cooler since 1982... Happy belated birthday brotha! Being your twin has made my life twice as amazing. I love you to Mars and back!!!
#tbt to NYE last year with this bestie. Cheers to the year @jezebelmagazine said we were "Eligible" and "Beautiful". And here's to another year of random late nights, facetiming (and photo bombing👆🏼) with @heffamoney, and philosophical talks about relationships. You ...
Chrimma with the girls🎄 And the boy🐶
Because parties and girls✨
#blackandwhite16 @guestlistatl
"If I look at you real cute, can I have a taste of that soup I've been smelling all day in the crock pot?" (I said yes 🐶)
Happy #blackfriday lovies!😘
I don't share anything with you unless I really LOVE it... and I seriously LOVE my @danielwellington watch! Check these beauties out at and use code SHELLI for 15% off! (mine is the Classic Black Sheffield ...
Everyone smile and say "raccoon eyes"! ✨ #jezebelmagazine #50mostbeautifulatlantans
You mean we ALL have Friday afternoon OFF?! "Let's go have a drink over herrre, and take a pic over herrre" 🍷💯 @marissajustmay @heffamoney
I can't believe we can actually say, "remember that time 20 years ago"? No matter how many years go by, the 3 of us will always stay young together. Happy birthday to our sweet Marianne!!! #orionsbelt 🌟🌟🌟

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