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@thefitzyfamily found another one of these stick collecting critters! 🐛 #casemoth #bagworm
Good morning.
Smokey Sunset Friday 12th May 2017
My art buddy June Stevens at her stall at Myattsfield Vineyard, Bickley Harvest Festival on this weekend.
Selfie time!☀️❤️☀️
Gone to the coast to have lunch with the boys.
New car! Honda HR-V 2017! 💙🚙💙
Ladies Day at hubby's Observed Trials Riding. Great view comes with champagne!
Sunset 26th April 2017. #sunset2017
Flowers from hubby! ❤️💜❤️💝❤️
I crocheted this one with chunky wool. Now I'm all set for winter!
I crocheted a hooded cape. This one was a template as I couldn't find a pattern/video.
I crocheted a beanie to go with the infinity scarf.
Pavlova with mulberries! Yum!
Making glue gun stencils.
This blue chair goes so well with my outfit and you know how matchy matchy I like to be! 😃
My finished scoodie - it's a little too big so I folded it over around the face and the wool is too stiff and not soft enough. I would have made the scarf wider but that just makes the hood ...
Several times a year we find geckos in our house. We pop an ice cream container over them and slide a Manila folder underneath. Usually happens at night time but this time I found him in the dark room (store ...
Someone used up all their letters for a bonus of 50 points.
I have just finished crocheting this infinity scarf. Followed @bellacoco_ tutorial on YouTube. Next up to crochet is a scoodie! 😊
Thunder is coming from these clouds!
First three layers; collage old music papers, translucent paint and then stamping.
Mixed media portrait. Chose this picture to paint of @caitrionabalfe due to her hair and cape. #clairefraser #outlander #caitrionabalfe
Thalia from an online watercolour portraits class with Miriam Schulman. #watercolorportrait
Baby at the Beach from an online watercolour course with Miriam Schulman. #watercolorportrait
Beautiful old house with a bullnose verandah in Toodyay. Built in 1870.
Avon River has overflowed into the park at Toodyay.
Zamia palm with football sized seed cones.
Our grass trees have large flower stems this year after being burnt in 2015.

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