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Need a haircut. Gotta go sideways to fit my whole deal in the pic. #alwaysgosideways
I miss you Pho House in Maryland. ;(
Went to a classic car deal today. Some rad rides for sure!
Noooooooo! My fav lunch spot closed! :(
King of the corgi glow walk! #corgisofinstagram #corgi
Noms. #cherrypie
#caseythecorgi 's birthday cake and our god daughter Madelynne.
Special bornday brekkie for a special birthday boy!
My cute boy guarding the entrance to my office. #corgisofinstagram #corgi
@vip0802 made an epic @GameOfThrones themed feast for #got night!
Moar corgis!
More corgis!
The Tampa glowing corgi walk!
The ole Slipmobile the day a brought her home. Great little car. I miss her sometimes.
Epic bed head.
This little guy came to visit our bathroom. I named him Birthday.
My day off hair is terrifying.
Guess I'm not washing the car today...
Our local dinosaurs.
Bed head on point today.
The lovely @vip0802 made Loco Moco. So good! Reminds me of Hawaii.
These ants were matching over 100 yards down the sidewalk.
Ya. It's like that. #food #foodporn #dontbejelly #itslikethat
My sleepy Firefox.
The meditation of flavor. 🔥
Late dinner after streaming. Thit Kho! #omnom #sogood #food
Winter is coming! But not in FL. ;) Outdoor #gameofthrone season premiere party!
Bed head, bed beard, and bed stache.

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