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Hey Spicy Fans! Tag a friend that loves the heat as much as you do, and come hang out with us at the @cahotsauceexpo this summer!

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Tasty beverage from @solcocinala
This is the 🌶Salsa de Molcajete Roja🌶 (by Del Real Foods) from the Culver City/Marina del Rey Costco on Washington Blvd. We wanted to take the time to share this with you for selfish reasons. As we all know if ...
OMG check this out. 🌶Nashville Hot Frog Legs🌶!!! What do you think? We say, hell yes! And you can get it at @bckitchen in Newport Beach.
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Another fresh batch of sauce. Booyah 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Thanks for the photo! Spicy Addict fan @princyandchild
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If you are looking for a genuinely 🌶spicy burger 🍔give the 🔥El Diablo🔥burger at @hopdoddy in Playa Vista a try -- located at 12746 W Jefferson Blvd, #1120

Hop Doddy makes some pretty solid burgers and has a nice array ...
Our friends told us to check out the spicy ramen restaurant @yamadayaramenculvercity (at 11172 Washington Blvd). Yamadaya was known for having some seriously spicy levels of Tonkotsu Ramen. So yeah, we were excited. According to rumor you could order up ...
Ordered the Spicy Bitter Orange Chicken Wings at Cerveteca in Venice (523 Rose Ave). They were pretty good but, of course, barely spicy. They had a hint of that familiar Chinese orange chicken flavor and were a combination of a ...
Enjoyed some 🔥#spicy #ramen 🔥from Kotoya (10422 National Blvd). Onions, Garlic, Noodles, shredded Cabbage and of course the Marinated Braised Pork Belly all came together in a Spicy Pork Broth. We added an egg and extra garlic to our order, ...
While at @solcocinala in Playa Vista we ordered the Cucumber Jalapeño drink. While not named a margarita it has silver tequila and fresh lime juice. So it's a margarita-like drink.
The Cucumbers add a crisp refreshing quality to this drink ...
Aw damn. @tenbistro making it spicy! 🌶🌶🌶 #spicy #sushi #jalapeno #food #foodie #foodies #spicyaddict #losangeles
Our latest search for a 🌶spicy meal🌶 took us to a Mexican restaurant in Playa Vista called Sol Cocina (@solcocinala) Searching for the "spicy" items on the menu we decided to try the Viper Taco and the Taco Vampiro at ...
The Answer >>> Search "SpicyAddict" (all one word) on Etsy.com

We've all experienced it.

You: I'll take the hottest level, please.
Them: Really?! It's very spicy.
You: Yes, I love spicy. Give me the hottest level.
(Then they return with ...
We visited @ayarathai for the first time. Located at 6245 W87th St. This place is just a little ways from Westchester Golf Course. We had heard good things about the spice level for a while. So we finally went with ...
Girls shirts!
We will be ordering men and women t-shirts soon. If you want to be notified when they are ready click the link in our bio.
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This is 🌶Amber's Fried Chicken Sandwich🌶 from @thevenicewhaler
It's a delicious, crispy chicken sandwich, but we really bought this because it comes with Jalapeno Slaw right on it. Altogether it's great. But the Jalapeño Slaw is very mild. We wish ...
This brunch item is the Eggs Bolognese from @26beach was tasty to say the least.
We find ourselves returning to 26 Beach over and over again, not just because of the great food but because of that little cup of ...
Time for another 🌶Spicy🌶 email giveaway tomorrow. I bet you haven't heard of this sauce before 😃
Sign up link in our bio!!
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Looks like we are going we the tried and true #buffalowings 🔥🌶🔥🌶 #spicy #buffalo #wings #spicyaddict #food #foodie #foodies
@spicyaddict is at @thevenicewhaler
I wonder what spicy dish we will post next.
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This is what you call Hillbilly Benedict and it's freaking awesome. We found this gem at @floreslosangeles
Instead of English muffin, it's a biscuit.
Instead of Canadian bacon, it's a sausage patty.
Instead of Hollandaise sauce, it's sausage gravy.
It ...
The CA Hot Sauce Expo is near! Tag a #spicyaddict who would enjoy sampling hundreds of sauces in 75 degree weather.

See you there! @cahotsauceexpo #spicy #hotsauce
This is the 🌶Grilled Spicy Lamb Breast🌶 from Cassia @dinecassia on Arizona and 7th. this spicy dishes cooked confit, then grilled and spiced with Sichuan peppercorns and cumin. It's served on a bed of jasmine rice, topped with a spicy ...
What happens when you cross Nashville Hot Chicken with Shrimp?

@bckitchen in Newport Beach answers with this...🌶Nashville Hot Shrimp🌶 and Biscuits.
Mmmm 🌶🌶🌶🔥🔥🔥
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I think we all have our once in a blue moon, guilty-pleasure, fast food. The Quesalupa from Taco Bell falls into this category.

It's surprisingly tasty. If you can imagine something similar to the internal fixings of a Taco cradled ...
Oh baby! Thats the 🌶Nashville Hot Chicken🌶 from @bckitchen in Newport.
Just a little bit of tangy, SPICY, crispy, & salty perfection.
More places need to put Nashville Hot Chicken on their menus, don't you think?! #spicy #fried #chicken #food ...
Also found these on the menu at @mercadosantamonica ...Chiles Toreadas, which is 5 Fire Roasted Peppers (Serranos, Green Jalapeños, Red Jalapenos) and some Green Onions. You can see our extra spicy Cucumber Margarita in this shot as well.
#chiles #peppers ...

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