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I was told by a friend that my life will start to become different a few days & the sign would be a caterpillar ๐Ÿ› near my feet!!
I MUST Say she was right!!!! Caterpillars ๐Ÿ› change into Beautiful butterflies ...
I still play dress up ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ€
The very sexy stoner @love_spell_simone with her first submission into us. So happy to be able to get her up and can not wait to see what she's got for us next! Go check her out give her a FOLLOW ...
@mrdaily420 & I will be hosting own segment for you listeners #staytuned #thedailyopperations reviewing the best of the best in the #cannabiscommunity & more #itslit #stayhigh ONLY ON @tha_medicine Saturdays on 106.5fm 102.3fm 1050am or live worldwide kcaaradio.com
Bong rips from the sexy stoner @b.leex3 with her first submission to us. Go check out this sexy stoner now and show her some love! Fingers crossed we get to see more from her soon! #2017 #shessexy #sheshot #shesmokes #cake ...
Would have shared this one with Goofy but he's on some other level ๐Ÿ˜‚
Some new ๐Ÿ”ฅ halves we got in the shop on Friday!! .
Go visit the crew and save 20% off all 1/2oz's for Stock up Sunday!!
@kushklubco2 .
#weed #weedporn #weedstagram #girlswhosmokeweed #cannabis #cannabisculture #cannabiscommunity #marijuana ...
Toking up before I hit the gym an then NASCAR an some football hot wings and fried pickles something yummy to drink and some killer buds... what are y'all doing for your Sunday Funday..And check out my sexy Cannabis Divas ...
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O town! In yo town!.... 2 nightโ—๏ธ
In the mean check 100% organic Freestyle... ใƒปใƒปใƒป
"Catch Pharoh D Live Tonight- Bombshells Tavern - Orlando - Doors open at 7pm - Dm/Email for ticket information *

#407 #orlando #pharohdmusic ...
"All about You" is about to drop soon on @iTunes @AppleMusic and @Spotify ๐Ÿ˜ŽโœŒ #itunes #applemusic #spotify #music #goodvibes #newage #rep316
Rooster Teeth Video Podcast: Ep. 420 - Girls Don't Have Wet Dreams Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Burnie Burns, and special guest Jessica Nigri as they discuss Burnie and Gavin the couple, YouTube's restricted mode, cosplaying, ...
420 Girls :: Wake n Bake w/ @fesouza by @BrWaxx Making Off Test Shooting 420 Girls Fernanda Souza by Haruo Kaneko 420friends.com.
The Amazon tribe of 420 girls part 2 A documentation of girls who like to smoke cannabis + good tunes, (Medical grade) herbal buds on show. Can these hot stoners out smoke the men like ...
Introdution from 420 GIRLS Us against the world! We are new to the YouTube Channel stuff, so if you like this please look forward for our next video.

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