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We didn't find Pennywise while exploring here, but it did feel a little like the barrens nonetheless!
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Exploring the woods of Blue Hills today. #blueheelercash
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Sequence of photos of a seagull at Wollaston Beach dropping a clam to the rocks for lunch. When I was down there getting this picture, I realized that this is basically happening CONSTANTLY. The gulls are relentless!
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Great day for an ice cream with my guy! #icecream #qnzy #autumn
222 Rebecca & Chrissie White (27th September 2017) Chrissie Only No copyright infringement intended, all rights to ITV.
Right across the street from Wollaston Beach is a cool little hidden gem - the salt marsh. Awesome peaceful little spot with some great views, especially considering where it is.
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One of my favorite places (to look at, I've never even been inside) in Quincy is the Squantum Yacht Club. It's an awesome landmark on Wolly Beach, and it always seems to be a great subject for photos. Presented here ...
Preguntas y Respuestas // Cultura_Asocial Es mi primer video y mi primer video editado, sepan disculpar si hay alguna falla en la edición del video o en mi forma de hablar, no estoy acostumbrado a ...
Seagull enjoying the mid-September quiet of a foggy day at Wollaston Beach in Quincy.
Wolly Beach looking pretty damn good today.

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We can sit and reminisce about the old school. Maybe share a cigarette, because we both fools. #quarries #quincy #qnzy #quincyquarries
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