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~🌞 "It's not always easy, but it's always worth it"🌞
Io ci credo e voi? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Good morning beautiful creatures 🦄
Avete dormito bene?? Pronti per iniziare questa domenica?
Io sì, anche se non ho progetti speciali ancora 😏
Alors, ...
Buongiornissimo a tutti🌞! Come state?
Dormito bene💤? Io sì direi👌, ho anche fatto un sogno assurdo che non sto qui a raccontare se no si fa di nuovo notte😂🙌! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Oggi colazione prefe💘 con #overnight🌛 #porridge🌾 alla #melaverde🍏 e #yogurtgreco🍥💕 ...
〰🌸Buongiorno fiorellini🌸
Come state? Io così così. Ieri non è stata una giornata facile e quelle e a venire saranno ancora più difficili lo so. Inoltre il peso di questa mattina è 46,7 kg📉 sono calata parecchio credo anche lo ...
°Morning Snack°
A banana🍌, 'high calorie' fruit juice and a strawberry yogurt🍓.

Bittersweet day xx

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Buoongiorno tesorine! Come state? Io abbastanza bene, anche se ho faticato a dormire e mi sono svegliata molto presto 😞. Avevo molta voglia di fare colazione (come sempre 😂) e per questo mi sono preparata:
• Cappuccino ☕️ bollente con ...
Und das war das Endergebnis🙈
Ich denke dafür, dass ich seit 2 Jahren keine Torte mehr gemacht habe, ist sie mir denke ich ganz gut gelungen.
Auf jedenfall hat sich das Brautpaar mega gefreut und das war mir das allerwichtigste ...
Supper is a homemade pizza🍕 with veggie pepperoni, olives, mushrooms🍄, bell pepper🌶, onion, earth island 'mozzarella' and arugula that shrunk down a lot lol😳 with peach five alive🍹
A scrummy #toastedsandwich for lunch filled with avo, baked swede and alfalfa along with blueberries, celery and a green tea - I went to a party last night and got very very drunk. It was one of my best friends ...
Hey. It's okay to be struggling right now... It's okay to not have everything (or anything) figured out. It's okay if you've had a bad day & it's okay if you didn't even leave your bed. You're alive! That counts ...
Can't sleep. My heart is beating so hard but so slow I can feel it in my whole body. My arms are numb. My head is spinning and my thoughts are all over the place. Why is this happening? I ...
Dinner: • Boiled egg
• Potatoes
• Beans
• Lettuce
• Zucchini
Acabo de voltar da casa de meu tio, almoçamos lá hoje.
Pizza @ the poool with frandssss today!!🍕💖 Shortly after I ate a clif bar as well😂 I'm sorry that the posts have been spread out... I'm trying to work on living life for now and not being too caught up ...
Diner : (swipe)
Smiley broccoli omelette 🍳😊 Ketchup 🍅
Potatoes 🥔
Orange pepper 🌶
2 honey graham cookies 🍪 🍯
Raisin cinnamon bun🍇
Maple mini wheats 🍁
Chocolate cherry granola bar 🍒🍫
Honeydew melon 🍈
And... an EXTRA (!!!!!!) LOLLIPOP ...
Snacking on a daiya black cherry yogurt🍒🍦topped with chocolate coconut🍫🌴 granola ~ intense goodness😻
Hello ! So #nightsnack tonight is an apple from the garden of a friend of mine, tea, cherry tomates and pickles, pretzels and peanuts m&ms 😋. Hope you all had a great Saturday !! Love you loads ! 🕉✌️❤️☮️ #anorexia ...
Positive emojis in your feed so you'll have a positive mindset😋🌈
Lunch at my uncle's house:
• Broccolis
• Curd cheese
Tinned fruit, 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with margarine and honey🐝, meusily🌾and milk🐄.

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Daddy's girl... Baby ajang... Ang sweet nmn ni daddy!
Anoreksja - moja historia #1 7;10. Wtorek.. Najwyższy czas na nowe Top 8, a tu historia mojej choroby. Chcę Wam powiedzieć, że miałam 5 podejść do nagrywania w przeciągu 5 miesięcy.
PADDY NOT PATTY! St. Patrick's Day PSA in Irish / Gaeilge / Gaelic Ná déan. St. Patrick's Day PSA in Irish / Gaeilge / Gaelic How to curse in Irish: I KNOW I made a few mistake in ...
Fighter Thinspo A video to motivate you to work your ass off to lose weight and finally be the sexy, beautiful, confident person you want to be! Because nothing will change ...

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