Ashikabi meaning

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OMG!!! Anime Review of Renai Boukun Episode 5 This episode was great and seeing anime god as a laid back and seeing the demon lord like he's a character from Tokyo ghoul. Next week beach episode ...
Reaction and Review of episode 1 "Prince of Stride- Alternative" I'm not a fan of sport anime shows. But when I saw this show I was really shock about it. It was all about running. Seeing these guys running I was really shock.
Olamide - Melo Melo [Official Video] In quick succession to his recently released hit "Bobo", YBNL Star Olamide, hits the waves with yet another single "Melo Melo". The song, which is quite different ...
AMV 5 Redux The original of this one didn't turn out as I wanted it to, meaning the program (for whatever reason) decided to not keep the clips as I had originally edited them.
As Your Ashikabi (Happy Thanksgiving) This my first Sekirei AMV let me know how i did not sure if imma use this anime for more vids but let me if i sure thanks dudes Narutofeek.

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