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I was going to water the succulents, but no need to now. #bigfatraindrops
Rain rain.....please stay and cool everything dow #rain #downpour #coolitdown #summerafternoons #hamont #bigfatraindrops
When even #george wants to go back because it's stotting down but you really want to stay out #lovetherain #bigfatraindrops #thunderandlightning #wantedtostayouteventhoughiwasinmyslippers #warmrain #dogwalking
Post Easter mood. #eucalyptus #blues #bigfatraindrops #aprilshowers #emptynest #mishmashtodyefor lifts me up with @debdidit 🤗💗🌿
South Dakota, you are stormy and grey as well as full of farms. Not sure I will ever want to visit you again but, it's been nice this time. #southdakota #greatplains #america #roadtrip2017 #bigfatraindrops #ladybossgetscarsick #gratefulandappreciative
I'M DONE I'm done (Sorry if you can't see my face but this is my last video for 2016 I'll decide if I'll upload on my birthday but for now thank you)
MY BROTHERS ARE RACIST! My brothers names are eric and ethan they both are in high school they talk pointless memes and they say n***ers help me. they are cancer to me!
Friday Sermon 23 October 1998 Do you enjoin others to do good and neglect yourselves while you read the Book? Will you never understand? And seek help with fortitude and Prayer; this ...
I just got bored first video back Hello there people i'm back after taken some time off.
Before I go to school Miranda sings Collen ballinger Behzinga But this is my final video I'm gonna stop uploading thank you for 1 year.
2nd VLOG in September 2015 suicideisnoanswer don't forget to subscribe thanks.
WHOA! CRAZY FAT RAIN! Now the dark cloud opened up and started dropping fat ass rain drops surprising everyone! WATER DAMAGE SALE!!!
My first VLOG Yeah I'm a kid that joined youtube in march 2015 like and subscribe.

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