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Absolutely loving this book!!

Knowledge is power!

Have you ever wondered why you feel anxious?? Or why you just can't seem to stop binge eating? Why you over react to situations???

This book explains the constant battle ...
i had cereal, a slice of bread and some grapes for breakfast. the last two days have been hard and i hope i’ll feel better next week because i’ll go skiing without my family or best friends 😬 #ednos #ed ...

Have you heard of the 'R.A.I.N of self-compassion' from @tarabrach ?

It's a super useful concept for anyone troubled by emotional eating.⠀

1. Recognise what is going on;⠀
2. Allow the experience to ...
🇮🇹🇮🇹Il grande ritorno del #fittiramisù!! 😍🤤
Per realizzarlo ho usato:
•Yogurt greco 0% 🥛
•Goccie di cioccolato fondente 🍫
•Fette biscottate integrali 🍞
•Caffè 🍵

~Cacao amaro 🍫
~Goccie di cioccolato fondente 🍫
~Bacche di goji 🍒
B R E A K F A S T 🍴
Cheesy Omelette Waffles - 2 Eggs (Syn Free/Protein) & 10g Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese (Quarter HEA), 2 Bacon Medallions (Syn Free/Protein) & 20g Watercress/Spinach/Rocket (Speed) 🍃
262 Calories/Syn ...
Buongiorno! 🌷 vi do il buongiorno con un #latergram della mia cena! 80 g di pastina con passato di verdura e zucca! 😋 la foto è tra le più brutte del secolo ma vi assicuro che era squisito!! 😋😋 oggi ...
10 Mid week myth busters 💪 Sweating does not equate to having a better workout than someone who isn't sweating
💪 If you don't have much muscle then cardio is not going to help "tone" you, weight training is
💪 ...
Had two slices of rye bread with cheese and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I was planning on going outside with the kids today and picking up some stuff for uni then taking them to the park but it’s ...
Gefüllte Myprotein Pancakes 😍
Du brauchst: 100 g Pancake Mix (Hier: Golden Flavour Geschmack) 250 ml Wasser, 50 g Impact Whey Chocolate Brownie oder unser Active Women Die Hey für weniger Kalorien, 100 ml fettarme Milch, 10 g Kakao, etwas ...
“Home is where your heart is it” .. il mio è intrappolato in cucina! 👩🏼‍🍳❤️
Aspettando che qualcuno gentilmente mi doni la forza per affrontare questa giornata, vado cercando un po’ di carica nella #colazione con queste chicche di mini ...
Buongiorno fam💞 colazione con: un caffè amaro☕️ spremuta di arancia🍊 e due fette di pan bauletto tostato ai cereali🍞 con, su uno marmellata di albicocche🍑 mentre sull’altro 2/3g di cacao amaro sciolto con acqua q.b
Oggi sono ...
Guten Morgen 🤤😴 Diesen “Kuchen” gab es gestern zum lernen 🤤 köstlich ! Es war eine Art Käsekuchen mit Quarkfüllung und Himbeermus👀😍 Der ganze Kuchen hatte 0Sp.🙏🏽 #ww#wwgermany#weightwatchers#weightwatchersgermany#weightwatchersdeutschland#weight#sport#gym#fitness#kalorienzählen#yazio#fitbit#bingeeating#healhty#fromfattofit#fatloss#fitwerden#sport#muffin#friday#balanceisthekey#vegan#veggie#run#übergewicht#protein#bingeeating#running#weightloss#weightlossjourney
Just woke up from a nightmare where spiders and other things were crawling all over me 😫😧😬😴 Decided to get up and meal plan for tomorrow! Hoping this helps me stay on track. Gonna push the water intake as well! ...
Roasted carrot "French fries" obviously not as good as the real thing, they also don't get crunchy on on the outside because they're not starchy like potatoes. But to me, the taste itself was just like sweet potato fries. It's ...
How to STOP Binge Eating | Curve Cravings & Stop Over Eating Hi Starling fam!! Today's video is all about the food... and eating a lot of it. How to stop binge eating and learn how to curve cravings & stop over eating! This can help with portion control...
HOW I STOPPED BINGE EATING || THREE TOP TIPS Hey my friends! If this helps one person then I'm happy (: I know I've spoken about this before but a lot of you do ask me how I overcame my eating disorder and orthorexia and I think it's...
Full Day of Eating // How I Stopped Binge Eating & Thinking About Food A longer video but you guys told me on Snapchat to include the rant in the video so here it is. I've never talked about this topic before but I really hope that talking about it can help. LOVE...
more binging (bulimia/binge eating disorder) if anyone wants to see everyday vlogs of me trying not to binge please let me know haha.
Filming my binge: bulimia/binge eating disorder Hopefully one of my last. I filmed my last two binges to help me commit to a new start in May.

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