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🏴 Extrait du 2ème couplet de "L'Internationale", celui que les "communistes" ont oublié... Il est vrai que la 1ère Internationale s'est scindée en deux entre Proudhon le libertaire et Marx l'autoritaire...🏴
#ordonnance #ordonnances #loitravail #loitravail2 #loidutravail #loitravailXXL #loitravailNonMerci #codedutravail ...
Doncs sí, i per això ens ho volen prohibir, i per això l'1 d'Octubre desobeïrem i anirem a votar, anarquistes, feministes, antifas, obrers i obreres, camperols, comunistes, estudiants, autònoms, sindicalistes, cuidadores, LGBTI, migrants, dones de la llar, avis i àvies, ...
B cut. (Paris Protests Against Macron Labor Law Declines photos for Gettyimages submission. 21. 09. 2017 Paris ) #paris #protest #loitravail #contre #macron #manifestation #manif21septembre #loitravailxxl #blackbloc #파리 #시위
Oh guys! I am no longer an Anarchist :/.
*I'm still in school tho:)
《Fellow Anarchist and Anarchist alike😁》
[Dm for partner^]
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Les Black Bloc étaient présents ce jeudi 21 septembre, comme depuis le début de la mobilisation en mars 2016, lors de la 2ème manifestation intersyndicale de la rentrée sociale contre la réforme du Code du travail.
Pour leur part, les ...
B cut. (Paris Protests Against Macron Labor Law Declines photos for Gettyimages submission. 21. 09. 2017) #paris #protest #loitravail #contre #macron #manifestation #manif21septembre #loitravailxxl #blackbloc #파리 #시위
Sex Ed
- school doesn't even have fucking Sex Ed. Arguably one of the most needed classes. Wanna know what the teach? Oh wait they don't, my health class has a pregnancy care center lady come in and ...
Why are people so scared of GMOs (and GMFs)? Do they know what it means? Genetically Modified Organisms. Why would people not want us to adance society. Without GMOs, Agriculture would still be inefficient and there would ...
Mail day pt. 2 thanks @nocoastnohope & @deathdedication. #blackbloc #theexposingofaman #deathdedication #nocoastnohope
I'm tired of people thinking it's fine and cool to be Obese, unhealthy, and or have a mental illness. YOU don't want Depression, Anxeity, Shizophrenia. Don't joke or act like you have ...
Anonymous has spread more Misinformation and Propaganda than the US Government. I strongly urge any information you get from them you deeply research into it; a majority of the time they give you shady sources, or none at all. (Yes, ...
Bon alors moi ce qui m'a vraiment choqué dans la manif d'aujourd'hui c'est que même les black blocs terroristes casseur anarchistes islamo-gauchistes d'extrême gauche et ben ils regardent game of thrones. Comme tout le monde.
#undragonquibruleunevoituredeflic #ideetattoo ?#larevolutionouimaisapresmaserie
#blackbloc ...
Black Bloc (2005) - TRACKS - ARTE Poursuivez votre very good trip sur : Abonnez-vous à notre chaîne ...
Antifa Mom & Black Bloc Boy - Who Brings Their Kid to a Riot?!? Mike Cernovich's live stream documented some children in the riot on Sept. 10th, 2017 at the protest against the Patriot Prayer Rally in Portland, OR.
The Difference Between Antifa And Black Bloc Protesters | Los Angeles Times The “Black bloc” movement first made its presence felt in California more than two decades ago, then built its forces amid the protests against the Iraq war in San ...
Black bloc vs. water cannons - 2017 - [Hamburg G20] Fight for the Schanze district on day one of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. Camera/edit: Brandon Rosario ©
Germany: Water cannons turned on Black Bloc activists in Hamburg Riot police used water cannons to disperse anti-capitalist protesters in Hamburg on Friday, as the G20 summit kicked off. Black Bloc activisits who concealed ...
German riot cops fight the black bloc - 2017 - [Hamburg G20] "Welcome to Hell" - Hamburg. Camera/edit: Brandon Rosario ©
Black Bloc argues with college students Blac Bloc argues with college students that they had blocked from going into a event at the lewis and clark college in Oregon. A majortiy of the event goers had ...
Black bloc confronts pro trump supporters For some reason, the masked group known as black bloc confronts marchers and block vehicles during the march for trump event. There were other protesters, ...

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