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A month hiatus from calligraphy... and I am back! Here is a progress photo of a piece I am working on for the yearly exhibition held by @alphabetaclub in Hong Kong, done in Fraktur and Gothicised Italic.
I finally got ...
A Game of Thrones.
#poetrylettering @zoetryandletters
Hach, ich freue mich, dies kleine "Rudel" an neuen Schreibfedern ist heute morgen bei mir eingetroffen 😍 danke an für die schnelle Lieferung.
Am meisten bin ich gespannt, auf die Glasfeder in dem braun-goldenem Federhalter. 😊
🐝 📋 🖋️ ...
This is one of my favourite quotes of all time and many of my friends have probably received letters containing this quote in identical form or some similar variant thereof. Always a good reminder about the transformative influence of great ...
وَلا حُزْنٌ يَدُومُ وَلا سُرورٌ
ولا بؤسٌ عليكَ ولا رخاءُ

No sadness lasts forever, nor any happiness
And you shall not remain in poverty, or any luxury

Had to post something that looked like should see the other side of these sketches 😉 here's to my Friday night.
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Kacau gaes :v :v
Goro goro eksperimen Nganggo sendok lem castol :v :v

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Blackletter Pilot Parallel Pen A Fraktur Blackletter with Pilot Parallel pen #blackletter #pilotparallelpen #parallelpen #calligraphy #Kalligrafie #lettering #penmanship.

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