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Work hard party hard baby!!!
Working with blender and unity3d! C# and c++ :) just an awesome day, I feel relaxed, happy and full of energy 😎 after today, I will try harder and harder. Wish me luck for my ...
@katieomakeup excited to have a play with a few of our goodies! Featuring the Beauty Pods Silicone Sponge, Oval Makeup Brush and Beauty Blender.
#blender 22/9 & 23/9
Our product crush this Wednesday is LG Bluetooth 1000W DVD Home Theater. *Front & Rear cabinet *Center 42W *Front L/R 42WX2 *Sub-Woofer 120W
*Surround L/R 42WX2 *Total 1000W *Battery (Size) AAA*1 *Remote Control *Speaker Cable 2EA
#zerofinance #productcrushwednesday #wcw #hometheatre ...
House keeping day today @ Beauty & Grace 🤓💖 All my brushes are getting a bath , ready for the next wedding 👰🏻 💍

To keep up with all things Makeup Artistry & Beauty & Grace follow us on snap ...
Walk animation rendered in blender cycles renderer. Couldn't do this before cos blender kept crashing in the middle of rendering 1 frame. My hard drive ended up perpetually almost full and I couldn't figure out what needed to be deleted ...
Emergency el-3084 pudh on
Rp 102.900
Pembelian 3 pcs disc 2%. Pembelian 6 pcs disc 3%, pembelian 12 pcs disc 5%.. pembelian diatas 1 juta +disc3%
Merk Miyako dan Rinai Disc 5%
Alamat ...
#70 Of a one of a kind original graphic release series, check my profile for more!
I created of these graphic using free and open source softwares Blender 3D and
Gimp. It is the result of over a ...
Dvd polytron 2190/2191 .
Rp 369.600
Pembelian 3 pcs disc 2%. Pembelian 6 pcs disc 3%, pembelian 12 pcs disc 5%.. pembelian diatas 1 juta +disc3%
Merk Miyako dan Rinai Disc 5%
Alamat : ...
Buat minuman Sehat setiap hari dengan Alat istimewa ini, Blender Moegen Juicer 7 In 1
Harga paling murah di Bukalapak....... Beli disini
#blender #moegen #juicer7in1 #magicblender #jusbuah #hidupsehat
Σφουγγάρι ή πινέλο? 🙄🙄
Βγες από το δίλημμα με τα σετ της @realtechniquesgreece που θα ικανοποιήσουν κάθε σου ανάγκη! 😉
📩dm σε όλα μας τα social 🚚#shippingtocyprus #shippingworldwide
#mybeautyboxgr #mybeautyboxeshop #mybeautybox #beautyaddict #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #makeuptime #rt #myunicornlife #makeup #beautygram ...
Exploring the woman-robot of the comics #princesssarah by #alwett and #moretti. Well. Info ly computer, my robots are asking to meet her...
#3d #comics #mariette #blender #robots
How to Bake Perfect Normals in Blender - Tutorial Blender tutorial showing you how to bake a normal map from a high poly model, to a low poly model. Download starter file: ...
Why I Switched From Maya To Blender [Indie Game Development] Hey everyone! In this video I go over the reasons I switched from Maya to Blender. Maya and Blender are both 3D modelling and animation software. If you're ...
Blender Tutorial: Another Coffee Cup (Easy Handle) This Blender video demonstrates how to make a coffee cup. An easy method for making the handle is shown. Blender version 2.79 ...
Blender Beginner Tutorial - How to Sculpt Details Blender tutorial showing you how to add fine details to your model, like bumps and scratches. Perfect for armour, vehicles or anything that needs wear and tear!
Quick Blender 2.79 Feature Overview Get my exclusive tutorials: In this video I will give you a quick (and dirty) overview about the new features in Blender 2.79.
Blender 2.8 Is Going To Be Epic A first look at the under development Blender 2.8. Specifically the new Eevee realtime renderer, as well as clay rendering mode. It's pretty staggering how much ...
Creation of a Medieval Village in Blender 2.79 Hi everyone! What do you think of this village?? Main concept created by Raphael Lacoste!! (LINK HERE): Don't forgot ...
Blender Beginners UV Unwrapping Tutorial Blender tutorial about how to UV unwrap in Blender, so that you can texture your model. Download the model: ...
Blender Tutorial | EEVEE : Getting Started Aidy Burrows here taking a look at the new Eevee real-time viewport being developed for Blender 2.8 The Eevee viewport for Blender is now available for very ...

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