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Guild Wars 2 : How to get to the Vista above Mirror Bay (Malchor's Leap) Guild Wars 2 : How to get to the Vista above Mirror Bay at Cathedral Of Eternal Radiance in Malchor's Leap. Nearest Waypoint : Union WP.
75. Guild Wars 2 Mediocre Thief: Blighted Arch vista First we defeat the easiest Orr prince ever, then a vista. Because defeating the Orr prince just didn't take long enough. Why is that, when defeating all his henchmen took four pints of blood...
Guild Wars 2 Blighted Arch Vista.wmv Basic Quick Run through of the Blighted Arch Vista. Contact me: ------------------------------------------- [email protected]
Guild Wars 2 Fields of Gold Vista Discover the vista in the fields of gold, in Cursed Shore.
Guild Wars 2 Lightfoot Passage Vista Discover the vista in the Lightfoot Passage, in the Straits of Devastation.
blighted arch vista This vista is high on an arch which is hard to reach. There is only one approach, from the east and north. From below the Vista go straight north through the courtyard into the large round...
Malchor's Leap - Blighted Arch Vista Showing a quick tutorial on how to get to Malchor's Leap - Blighted Arch Vista, from two different waypoints. Music from: and it's free! Like my Facebook @ http://www.faceb...
Guild Wars 2 - Panorama - Arche corrompu / Blighted arch vista Intéressé par un partenaire youtube ? Clique ici et rejoint moi sur RPM Network/Maker Studios !
★ Guild Wars 2 ★ - Malchor's Leap Vistas Watch live at (Mon to Thu, 12am EST) Guild Wars 2 - Vista Hunting - Malchor's Leap (5 vistas) Level: 75 - 80 There are more ways to get to the vistas. I am...
Guild Wars 2 - How to get the vista: Malchor's Leap, Blighted Arch Waypoint [dubstep] A quick video on how to get the vista in Malchor's Leap, quickest accessible if you teleport to the blighted arch waypoint. The recorded dubstep was kind of by accident, but enjoy anyways :P...
GW2 Vista - Malchor's Leap (Lv75~80) - Blighted Arch Guild Wars 2 Malchor's Leap (Lv75~80) - Blighted Arch Vista Official Site:
Mirror's Handle Vista - Malcor's Leap 75-80 Here's how to get that Vista in Malcor's Leap on the north island with POI mirror's Handle, between Malcor's Fingers and Mirror Bay.
Malchor's Leap Vista Guide 0:10 Garden of Ilya 1:50 Scupltor's End 3:17 Drowned Brine 4:05 Mirror Bay 4:46 Theater of Delight Keywords to help people searching for the vistas : Guild Wars 2 gw2 video games game gaming...
Guild Wars 2 - Dhuum's Last Stand (Village of Wren) Vista Point (Malchor's Leap) (PC) The Dhuum's Last Stand Vista Point (near the Village of Wren) in Malchor's Leap in Guild Wars 2. Check out our channel, and hit the subscribe button! It really helps!
GW2 Exploration - Blighted Arch Vista, Malchor's Leap How to discover the Blighted Arch Vista in Malchor's Leap. Return to Malchor's Leap Legend: Please comment below with suggestions and/or requests...
Blighted Arch Vista, Malchor's Leap Quick video for the Blighted Arch Vista. There are loads of mobs and a veteran on the way (you can dodge the veteran though).
teamhyo random tutorials for random games.
Wren Waypoint Vista - Malchor's Leap Guide how to get that Vista in Malchor's Leap for Guild Wars 2.
GW2 Malchor's Leap - Blighted Arch Vista Took me a while, re-did it for the recording.
Straits of Devastation - Vizier's Tower Vista and Skill point Hey everyone, wanted to show you a simple guide to getting that Skill Point and Vista on top of Vizier's Tower.
Malchor's Leap Vista (Between Cathedrals) Shows you how to obtain the vista in between the 2 cathedrals. Always getting questions about this vista so heres how to get it. Almost 100% world completion.
GW2 Malchor's Leap Map Completion: Vistas + Skill Points This is the map completion video for the 75-80 zone of Malchor's Leap which has 5 vistas and 15 skill points. It is recommended to do this zone with a duo as many of the skill challenges are...

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