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I am a black man from Austin. How many snowflakes will unfollow because of this post?
If you're going to say anything argumentative on this post, first stick your own foot way up your own ass, then swiftly hit the ...
Poor boy this breaks my heart :( this reminds me of my 9th birthday. I wish him the best
I acquired Aspen with the knowledge that he was known for spooking and being hot headed under saddle.
We've since fixed the issues he had under saddle, but now face him spooking on the ground.
As some of you may ...
everytime i try doing this for a whole month .. i get lazy and never finish 😭✨

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#facemask #witchhazel #blacksoap #makeup #products #skincare #skin #lipgloss #hair #acne #nails #explorepage #selflove #water #blm #health ...
Truth hurts...😏
White Right Wing Christian Terrorist. .
S H O C K I N G 😒😒😒
"The suspected Austin bomber described himself as a conservative and argued against same-sex marriage and abortion in a blog he maintained for a ...
We are the problem, folks. Wars ravage on hideously, species are going extinct (#ripsudan), seas + oceans are filled with plastic, spasms of violent White supremacy keep exploding, guns proliferate, hipocrisy + ignorance are peddled shamelessly. And it is we ...
✌🏼”I hate Facebook” says cartoonist who religiously checks Instagram... ✌🏿
Call Irwin Carmicahel and let him know that 287g does not belong in our county!

Here is a potential script " Hello My name is ___, I am a resident of Mecklenburg County and I am calling today to demand ...
#repost @feministastic with @get_repost
😞 #stephonclark remember his name, and make this shit stop! #knowtheirnames #blm #blacklivesmatter #holdlawenforcementaccountable
I was going to post photos of the magnolia tree blooming, but this has completely overwhelmed me. #stephonclark was murdered in his own yard by the Sacramento police. #blm #blacklivesmatter #acab #policestate #gunviolence #restinpower
Equalizing Batteries + Minor Truck Repair + Quartzsite Arizona BLM In this video, I first give you a 360 look at our boondocking camp in the Plomosa Road BLM a little north of Quartzsite Arizona off Highway 95. They I show you a problem I'm having with our...
#FindYourWay on BLM-managed rivers and trails The Bureau of Land Management is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers and National Trails Acts. Take a journey through Montana's Upper Missouri Rivers Breaks, where...
BLM to boycott 'white capitalism' for 'Black Christmas' Reaction on 'The Ingraham Angle' to Black Lives Matter holiday boycotts.
Trump Supporter LAUGHS At BLM Leader And Their List Of 10 Demands For White People Trump Supporter Clowns BLM leader for presenting a list of demands that white people must do. Subscribe!: tags: black lives matter...

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