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Rambling: Retropalooza + My wife is GONE (For the week) my wife left town this week, right after we got back home from retroplalooza. she's out helping family. :) in this video I talk about why I didn't go with her and what I ...
I CAN WALK AGAIN - NON SCALE VICTORIES My wife's vlogging channel: Spent the weekend with my wife on vacation in branson, missouri ...
2988 Vlog Channel Trailer A short preview of what's to come! Choppy, unprofessional, but always fun!
Boogie2988 is Getting a Divorce hey guys looks like Boogie2988 is going to be losing a lot more than weight in the coming year.
Boogie2988 Announces Mid Stream That His Wife Left Him! And Not For Francis! Boogie2988 Announces Mid Stream That His Wife Left Him! And Not For Francis! This was seriously the worse announcement to hear from Boogie. Boogie ...
"Boogie's Wife" A.K.A "Francis' Sister" (From "Boogie2988/YouTube") Face Reveal. (Confirmed) Hey! I show face reveals and stuff... Hope you enjoyed! I would like to thank "Boogie2988" for making this video possible! Check him out!
Boogie2988 wife Hope you enjoy please don't copyrighted.
SCARY CLOWN RAGE!!! francis gets pranked by david. IT GOES WRONG GOES SEXUAL GOES WRONG AND SEXUAL 24/7 7/11 IS A PART TIME JOB bush sr.
BOOGIE VS WIFE: HEARTHSTONE We decided to try another hearthstone game, this time me and my wife VS each other with our decks. Who won? Whose Next? :P.
Is Boogie2988 wife Dez Cheating On Tweeter today a lot of people were all over a pic that Dez put up. Dez is Boogie2988 wife. A lot of people are thinking she is cheating on Boogie with a ...
FACESWAP FAILURE got that faceswap app everyone is playing with and its so terrible and I just had to share this abortion of a video with you. I am so sorry.
Reacting to "Anything is Possible" This is a reaction to this video: Please share this video with other people who are having trouble losing weight.
Cheating Wife's Ultimate Betrayal | The Jeremy Kyle Show Subscribe now for more! Broadcast on 11/09/15 A lie detector test reveals a woman cheated on her husband with the worst possible person.
Shout out to Boogie 2988 and his wife Dez ♥ One of meny of your NUMBER 1 fans lol! much love and respect.
Raw Egg Roulette CHALLENGE! Some eggs are raw. some are hard boiled. smash them on the head to find out. When you get a raw egg you are eliminated. last person standing wins!
Supersize vs Superskinny • Boogie2988 • UK TV Debut appearance HD Pt 1 of 2 Boogie giving Boogie-vice to an overweight brit on the Supersize vs Superskinny TV show on Channel 4 (UK), THERES MORE BOOGIE-VICE IN PART 2 CLICK ...
Boogie's Top Moments of 2013 My top moments of 2013. Just a short sampling of the things that happened to me, my family, and my channel in 2013 :)
Boogie2988 and Dez Wedding Highlights This is our wedding highlights! The Song is by Kevin macleod and is used Royalty Free~! Thanks kevin! find it here: ...
CONGRATULATIONS @BOOGIE2988! Angry Grandpa PO Box 51734 Summerville, SC, 29485 Congrats on getting married boy!!
Will You Marry Me? Boogie2988 Proposes I shot this video on friday and used it to propose to the love of my life just a couple of hours ago, in our favorite vacation spot in the world. She said yes. :)
Angry Grandpa HATES Francis! (boogie2988) When I noticed Francis (boogie2988) did a parody of The Angry Grandpa..I immediately had to show the old man. This was his reaction.
On the death of my mother discussing the 1 year anniversary of the death of my mother.
boogie2988 Hello! I am youtuber Boogie2988. You might know me as Boogie, or as one of my characters... Most notably the raging gamer Francis. I make vlogs, comedy ...

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