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Pausing for a drink on a hot day at the Buffalo National River. We rode down from the Ozark National Forest, keeping cool and trying to dodge the rattlesnakes ... this horse is named Casey, and the cool water appeared ...
Just a pair of flies buzzing around this horses eyes. 🐎
Ice covered but still beautiful #buffaloriver #woolum
Fresh pot of.coffee down on the Buffalo #buffaloriver #woolum
Brycen might be just a little proud of his #jeep #snow #buffaloriver
Sandstone boulders and melting ice today in the Buffalo National River near Ponca, Arkansas. HAPPY WARM WEEKEND AHEAD! #timernstphotography #arkansas #buffaloriver
Throwback to high waters on the Buffalo last April! What a dang-memorable trip. A lot of friendships that impacted my life a lot the past year started that day on the river. Taking nothing for granted!
Alone in the distance.
Important Question 🧐 How much longer until summer?? 😩 #arkansas #waterfalls #chasingwaterfalls #buffalo #buffaloriver
Changing of seasons at Red Bluff overlooking the Buffalo River near Gilbert, AR ::--:: 📸: @our.buffalo.river
#throwback boom from Summer daze!!!! ☀️☀️☀️
No one else can make me smile and laugh as hard as you do. "Thank you for being a friend"🎶 I feel as though I'm the luckiest woman alive to be your life wife🍀.....can't ...
Pretty frigid walking at the Naval Park this afternoon (but I get stir crazy if I’m indoors too much). #iphoneography
Tikka T3 CTR 308 + OSA Buffalo River 135gr @ 200 yards Testing some OSA Buffalo River 135 grain ammo in my Tikka T3 CTR 308 at 200 yards. Very impressed with accuracy and consistency. I shot a 3 shot group at 100 yards prior to this. 2 rounds...
Buffalo River Ponca Arkansas 2017 Kayaking trip May 9, 2017 on the Buffalo River in Ponca Arkansas!
Eye of the Needle, Indian Creek Trail, Buffalo River, Jasper, Arkansas We got a day without kids, so we got a chance to do a more strenuous hike. We got a chance to go out and see the "Eye of the Needle", off of the Indian Creek Trail, and made a ...
Buffalo Outdoor Center - Floating the Upper Buffalo River of Arkansas Floating the Upper Buffalo River between Ponca and Kyles Landing, Arkansas.
Packout 2017 Buffalo River Kayak Trip Ill put links in if i ever find the time. sorry busy time of life.
Mt Hersey to Woolum - Buffalo River January 2017 Mt Hersey to Woolum - Buffalo National River January 2017. 37 degrees. Ponca gauge - 2.10 St. Joe gauge - 4.83.
Buffalo River Journal- rush to white river, canoeing float, brad josephs Video journal of a 30 mile solo canoe float trip through the lower buffalo River wilderness from rush to ship on the White River, in north central arkansas ozark mountains.
Buffalo River Home John Hiatt (Acoustic) A great live recording from KBCO Studio C Volume 4.
Buffalo River History Tour Buffalo River Tour through Silo City. Just glorious. And we spotted the elusive albino deer!

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