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Last night I slipped up .... (surprise) however upon waking this morning I was still less then yesterday so I don't feel too horrible about it though I'd really like to be binge and purge free already I was just ...
4 days fasting ❤
at least one good thing in my life lmao
I'm not going to school tomorrow because I'm sick and too weak (no surprises here), so I'm afraid of being forced to eat 🙁😷

・Salad ・Mackerel boiled in miso soup
Couldnt wake up on the time I always do, because I got sooo tired from yesterday's job.
But thanks to that, I had littie time for breakfast ...
I feel horrible ... I have a feeling of emptiness in my stomach, and something cold running all over my spine ... And my mind just goes blank and I also feel afraid of nothingness. I think it's an anxiety ...
I feel so guilty I was doing good until dinner I lost control and ate so much food I tried to purge it but since I was at a restaurant People were in the bathroom so I only purged some ...
Currently watching @ddlovato's new documentary "Simply Complicated" 💕 Only a few minutes in & I am already captivated by the raw honesty & intimacy of this documentary. Thank Demi for being a role model, a leader, a woman. Thank you ...
Happy #nationalloveyourbodyday 🎈 You are worth so much more than your #eatingdisorder. #chooserecovery
{181017 //
#qotd : what's your favorite color 💐
#aotd : black 🖤
I've never felt more useless and more worthless my whole life I've never wanted to hurt myself as bad and as much as i do at the moment.
I just wish I could die already because i really need to ...
Still having to rock the face mask but feeling alot better. Only really have a cough and a slight temp. Seeing the dietitian this afternoon, hoping to change some snacks because I'm getting tired of the same old same old. ...
Date update: I got given a box of chocolates and a DVD (I've not seen it and I like Eva Green), which will last much longer than flowers! I had a great time, we talked and laughed for hours, I ...
SUFRÍ DE BULIMIA - Mi historia. Suscríbete aquí! https://goo.gl/7Bn6tx Gracias por escucharme. Sé que este tema no es fácil pero quiero que sepan que soy real y que tengo errores como todo ...
DIFFERENT STROKES - Bulimia Ep A Very old Series called Different Strokes that I found upon request. Even back in the 80's they were addressing these things subtly, but I wonder how good it did ...
La modelo Marisa Jara narra su infierno con la bulimia Marisa Jara ha padecido bulimia, una enfermedad que aún sigue superado gracias a mucho esfuerzo y sufrimiento. Y lo ha contado en un libro 'La talla o la ...
Let's talk about my Bulimia. Happy womens day ladies!!! I hope this video helped a little! • Follow me on social media • https://twitter.com/Dinatokio https://instagram.com/Dinatokio ...
Jessie's Bulimia & Recovery Jessi is only a college student with no money and a dying family relationship. She has a serious Eating Disorder destroying her life and getting her into jobs she ...
BULIMIA: MY STORY | Eating Disorder Awareness | Charlotte Hole BULIMIA: MY STORY | It's National Eating Disorder Awareness & I really wanted to share my story with Bulimia. I'm hoping this will help those who are really in ...
Dark reality of bulimia nervosa * TW* This video is to educate the mental illness Bulimia Nervosa. Here is A small capture of what a bulimic has to endure everyday. Warning this may contain ...

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