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#cnblue데뷔8주년 #cnblue_8th_Anniversary
#8yearswithcnblue ~🙋🏻😍😘😇👑❤❤❤
#cnblue8thAniversary #cnblue
WoWKorea 韓流LIVE (2018/1/14 夕刊) EXO -- 【T公式】EXO、カイの誕生日を祝う。 「#HappyKAIDay #180114 #EXO #KAI」 記事のURLはこちら→
#cnblue데뷔8주년 #cnblue_8th_Anniversary
#8yearswithcnblue ~🙋🏻😍😘😇👑❤❤❤
They are the best, thank you very much for all that you have made me feel throughout this time, thanks for your incredible talent for making amazing music.
I did not start with you but I will definitely finish with ...
[Special Clip] #CNBLUE8thAnniversary - I'll hold your hand Happy 8th anniversary, blue boys! Letra/Composição: Larissa Revisão: Dominique Ribeiro Projeto de: CNBLUE Brazil How were these years? Did you cry a lot Or the smiles were way more than...
【上週】CNBLUE李正信首擔男主角 變身爲高中老師 (2018-01-09 報導) Yes娛樂、掌握藝人第一手新聞報導、↖現在就訂閱Youtube 頻道,24小時不間斷,即時新聞最新新聞:
I'M SORRY (CNBlue | Between Us Tour | Live In Manila 2017) "I'm Sorry" CNBLUE Between Us Tour Araneta Coliseum Manila, Philippines 9 December 2017 No surround sound, audio file error.
Don't Say Goodbye - CNBLUE (Traducida al Español) (Eng Ver) Don't Say Goodbye Versión en Inglés cnblue don't say goodbye.
Fanmeeting Track8 😍💙🎤🎶🎶🌌👏👏👏🎆
#justpleaseholdmyhand 😘💙💙✨🎶🎶Yes, I want to be with you always holding hands ... Let's be happy ... I will always support you. I love you very much guys. #cnblue8thaniversary 💙🎤🎶😍@jyheffect0622 @leejungshin91 @cnbluegt @mr_kanggun 💙😘✨✌👏🌌🎶💙
Can´t Stop - CNBLUE (Pianoversion) Can´t Stop ist eine Song- und Leadsingle der südkoreanischen Rockband CNBLUE aus ihrem fünften koreanischen Mini-Album Can´t Stop.
My Kings😍😍😍😍
@jyheffect0622 @cnbluegt
@leejungshin91 @mr_kanggun

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