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Buon giovedì - qui segni che forse le trattative Brexit siano arrivate ad un piccolo passo in avanti... le notizie che il primo ministro May è aperta ad un accordo che garantirà i diritti di residenza (reciproci) ad attuali cittadine ...
@theatlanticLiberal-democratic ideas and institutions in America, unlike in Hitler’s regime, have always been both vulnerable and resistant to racist exclusions. Although the United States entered the 1930s as the globe’s most established racialized order, the pathways from Nuremberg and Jim ...
Trump would hate Mary, Joseph and Jesus because they are Middle Eastern Jews. Not White.
Plus they are poor and Jesus hates the #church and wants to heal people for free. Trump would hate Jesus.
#trump #trumptards #republicans #repubtards #democrats ...
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Repost @unfiltered.politics #barackobama’s Presidency was a sad failure, on so many levels but especially on a foreign policy and international relations standpoint. But at least he always looked cool and always found the most politically correct and best-sounding words to ...
Retarded leftists: oMg lO0k AT THIS trUMP IZ A NAZI!!!!!!1!1!! Nah but this is pretty funny
Conservatives In Congress Act To End NFL Subsidies Over Anthem Protests Conservatives may be introducing a bill to end NFL subsidies over the Anthem protests. If this happens will the NFL challenge it all the way to the Supreme Court ...
Salon publishes article on which conservatives to follow Salon just published an incredibly smug article entitled, "The 25 conservatives actually worth following on Twitter," with the subhead, "Yes, they exist.
Conservatives in Congress Act to End NFL Subsidies Following Protests There is now a growing sentiment in Congress to question some of the special treatment the NFL and other professional sports teams receive at the taxpayers' ...
What Have Conservatives Ever Done For Us? (w/Guest Julio Rivera) Thom debates Julio Rivera on the role and legacy of conservatives in American history. Did they actually do anything? Liberals, progressives and socialists have ...
Liberals And Conservatives Fight Labels And Stereotypes "My biggest problem right now is that each party is painted with one broad stroke." In a world that is divided by politics, religion, and belief, we challenged people ...
JUST IN: Trump Issues Major “Christmas” Alert, Conservatives Love It SOURCE : JUST IN: Trump Issues Major “Christmas” Alert, Conservatives Love It For decades now, conservatives have been complaining ...
Conservatives Profiting Off Stolen Valor Earl Granville is a US military veteran who was recently exploited to sell political tee shirts. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The ...
Why these conservatives support clean energy More than 300 conservatives from across the nation met with industry leaders, activists, businesses and members of Congress to send a message about the ...

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