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P O C K E T _ S N A P .
G E T R E A D Y T O S N A P :) .
T H I ...
It's the last day of the Indiana State Fair. Last chance to take it in and grab that 🐘ear. Today's early feature goes to @eamarkov75 !! Enjoy Hoosiers!! - @jnawrocki36
Another shot by me from the booklet of 'Alive in a still moment', the ambient/chill compilation out on @themangoalley soon. My track 'Maaloey' is in there as well. ✌🏼️#braakmusic #canon5dmarkiii #tamron2470 .
#createcommune #agameoftones #savageframes #stunningcapture ...
O22 - 4 Killer Tips for Getting Perfect Compositions Checkout these little know tips on how to get the perfect composition every time you pick up your camera to shoot. In this episode of the 3C Show, I give you my ...
Colouricious Creative Compositions with Decolourant & Block Printing chapter 5 Colouricious Block Printing - combine wooden printing blocks with decolourant to block print your own creative textile compositions.
Music for a Movie Picture - Kees Vlak Again a new edition in the Creative Compositions © series. This piece was revolutionary in its time in 1972, because it was the first time a 5/4 bar had been used ...
wedding leaves A Creative Team of Candid & Traditional Photographers who capture casual moments in creative compositions to preserve spectacular moments.
CAMERAS AND COFFEE - HDR Photography and Creative Compositions On this episode of Cameras and Coffee, we discover the best techniques for HDR photography as well as finding better photography compositions.
Kind Christmas video Just watch how kind people could be. An old security guard who works on dummies factory, on Christmas Eve decided to make every factory worker happier.

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