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Auction for beautiful facited grade kunzite from Afghanistan
Weight 22grams
Starting bid 5$ending 24 hours after first bid placed
Shipping charges 10$ via Pakistan post
Thank you
Miss MCM already. Here was my Jubilee Cosplay heavily inspired by @vividvivka and yes! All of the bling is swarovski crystals each hand glued!! #cosplay #mcm #mcmcomiccon #comiccon #cosplay #xmen #jubilee #love #follow #bling #swarovski #crystals #pink #yellow #fun #life
3HR Auction🌈925 Stamped Pink Dichroic Glass Earrings✨ Starting Bid: $15, please bid in increments of at least $1🛍
⭐️Please Remember to TAG the Person You Outbid!!⭐️ Good luck!🍀🔮
I'll dm the link 😊 All payments will go through etsy. ...
Day 23 of #inktober #inktober2017
✨6 HR AUCTION!!✨ Opal Angel Aura Quartz Cluster ✨STARTING BID $35, please bid in increments of at least $1🛍
⭐️Please Remember to TAG the Person You Outbid!!⭐️ Good luck!🍀
😊 All payments will go through etsy. Payment policy=24hrs💜
(+$3 ...
Great Sol Rising Beautiful Angels!!😽😽💓💓💜🌞✨ we hope you're all having an absolutely amazing start to your day!!😻😻💜we are so excited to show you all the new beauties that will be coming to the shop within the next week or so!!😻😻💜🔮 ...
Anillos 👁 Regalos que te llenan el alma. Según los turcos, los ojos nos protegen y son amuletos contra la envidia.
📲wsp 3024135338
💍 #ring #rings #jewelry #toptags @top.tags #sparkle #sparkly #styleblog #jewellery #jewelrygram #instyle #design #fashion #jewels #shine #accessories ...
Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers! 🙏🏻🕉
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faux leather hand-stitched medicine bags!😍 adorned w/ crystalz on ze outside, & an assortment of intuitively picked crystal treasures come already inside of the pouch! ♡

I've had a little medicine bag ...
i can't seem to get over how adorably fascinating these prehnite formations with rutile are 🌿 as tempted as i may be to hoard them all up in my private collection for the time being, if you want to adopt ...
Crystal gazing hazing and manifesting as we switch gears into #scorpio time. Blue Tiger's Eye to help soothe my savage beast and relax and refocus.
#wildwork #heyholetsgo #tigerseye #hawkseye #crystals #crystalgazer #witch #westcoast
Angel Tarot Motivation
How will my day go?
Five of Wands - a challenging start, feeling tested, pray and focus on only that you wish to attract.
The Magician
Work your magic on your goals and dreams a step at ...
4HR Auction🌈Rainbow Angel Amethyst Aura Cluster✨ Starting Bid: $22, please bid in increments of at least $1🛍
⭐️Please Remember to TAG the Person You Outbid!!⭐️ Good luck!🍀🔮
✨I'll dm the link 😊 All payments will go through etsy. Payment ...
Beautiful Window Mica. Violet Lepidolite & Translucent Muscovite. This powerful stone helps with balancing & calming fears about the future. Lepidolite helps with healing emotional suffering & also promotes joy, gratitude & self love. Stunning Mother Earth Treasure ✨💫🔮☮️
After a nice week long vacation I'm back at it again! This time I'm in canton IL peddling my wares. I will have new items posted to my online shop this week! I still have tons of #halloween #thanksgiving and ...
Vogue Japón ya adelantó su tapa de diciembre con Taylor Hill como protagonista. Se vienen los brillos 💎💎#rg #annadellorusso #taylorhill #itgirl #model #voguejapan #vogue #magazine #party #december #shine #brillo #instamoda #instafashion #trend #tendencia #fashion #inspiration #trendy #crystals #chanel #saintlaurent #gucci ...
I ran out of daylight to photograph any more of the new crystal beauties that arrived today but I did manage to snap this pair of stunning glossy Black Obsidian Crystal Skulls.
I have 10 of these in ...
Women Try Crystal Healing For Chronic Pain I'll try anything once... Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly. It's the same content you know and love just Bolder. Subscribe for daily videos ...
My Meditation Routine + Why I Use Crystals Hey dolls! Today's video is all about feeling good and treating yourself like a queen! I share my meditation routine and my uses for crystals durning my ...
How To Use Crystals And Stones (Feeling Crystal Energy) How to Use Crystals and Stones to alter your auric field, by feeling crystal energy the right way. This is a detailed how to video explaining as to how crystals work ...
My Chill Morning Routine + How I Use My Crystals BE A DOLL, THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE! Merkaela Box: Rose Incense: Nespresso Machine: ...
Crystals - Adastyrma Crystals тобының Адастырма әніне түсірілген алғашқы бейнебаяны. Әні, сөзі: Тілек Даму Рэп: Жанара Даулетбакова...
Do Crystals Really Heal You? We're testing the magical powers of crystals. GMM #1149! Don't miss the crystal shopping trip on This Is Mythical: SUBSCRIBE to ...
Shopping For Crystals (Beginner Crystal Guide) Lizzie & Ellie head to a metaphysical store to learn about the world of crystals. TIM #22 Thanks to The Green Man Store for helping us find our crystals: ...

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