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A cwispy intoduction All praise lord cwispy.
Had a cwispy free museum day with @tailentailsglow #pooped #cwispy #tiptoethroughthetulips
Cwispy Hearthstone + Growtopia!
I took so much time into editing this😂

[Two-face, The Dark Knight]

Wanna battle in Mario Kart or compete it Minecraft? DM me your Switch friendcode, and I'll give ya mine! I would love to ...
Times are changing, the weather is misbehaving. Time to throw it back to the days we were under the sun.

I submit evidence A. Why @gavinahales should never be allowed to operate a gas BBQ. #cwispy #bbqfail
Stopped working long enough to take some photos 🤙🏼#weekendblues #cwispy #hornby
Cwispy Cwispy Cwunchy Dewisious and Nutwisious.

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