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The power duo.
This is a super cool sick nasty fuckin lit collab with @xnugatory so go check them out cause they're great โค๏ธ๏ธ
Ac; septic.x
Oh man guys!!
I just hit 400 followers agghh โ™ก
Thank you guys so muchh
Roughly a month ago I was only at 200 dang!!
Iโ€™m feeling a bit better as of right now so hopefully Iโ€™ll be going to school tomorrow oof.
Big mood-
This is completely random but I kinda regret ever watching cars, but only because I want to listen to 'Life is a highway' without remembering my ps2 cars game where I'd get constantly mad at the race whereas ...
Yikes I threw up this morning so I have to stay home again :((
Also hame grumps finally finished sonic the werehog so I can binge that at some point lmao!!
Goodnight mans โ™ก
I had a pretty rad day today :)
I also got some of my pharah drawing done and I'm pretty proud of that,
also I'm working on a realistic pencil drawing of a deer skullin art and its coming ...
I just got hungry as I got into bed what the heck :(
Anyways goodnight friends lmao!!
Sorry for not posting in the past few days I've been caught up in netflix aha
Here's a fun fact about me:
I was primarily introduced to ninja sex party through listening to the original rock songs to some ...
I got really sick last night so I'm not going to school today oof :/
I hope y'all have a nice day though!!
My high school was nominated for this thing called Friday Morning lights idk what it is but all I know is that practically my whole school will be on the news and thats pretty rad I guess lol??
Anyways ...
People in my grade for the past 4 years have been the queens and kings of drama I swear smh
Goodnight lol
One of my first MMDs...
I know it's bad, fite meh
Danny Sexbang assaults Suzy with his moves
Credit: Motion, Camera, and Music is to Bleki Style on YouTube
Models: Shake666 on Deviantart/YouTube
#burntricememe #hips #dannysexbang #danielavidan #gamegrumps #nsp #ninjasexparty ...
Goodnight y'all!!
I haven't watched any youtube in like 5 days this is good and im proud of myself oops
I miss julius tho :(
Yo uhh the dentist appt went well!!
I still have the feeling of the drill DRILLED into my braina ahahaa aah ah a ha stop
Schools gonna be awful tomorrow the tooth that I got filled is gonna hurt ...
Jonquest OST: City Escape Jonquest is an upcoming rpg about Jonathan Jafari going on a quest to overtake the jewish Daniel Avidan and get back his throne in the Game Grumps kingdom ...
daniel avidan-vine edit can i just say i really fucking adore this guy my twitter: https://twitter.com/calmfischbach.
DRAWING MERCY | Fan Art #1 Yo, she's my favorite and super cute! Both 6969 and Dragon Slayer are not mine and are the property of Leigh Daniel Avidan and Brian Wehct of Ninja Sex ...
Ninja Sex Party Theme Song: Orchestral + Original (remix) I heard Gooseworx's orchestral remix of the NSP theme song, and I thought, "This would sound awesome when played with the original." And so it did. Song and ...

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