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Im definitely doing this to my hair in two days! Its not going to be as dark of a brown as arins, but it will be dark enough to be able to see the blonde poping out clearly ;;
I'm ...
I'm getting my hair dyed a light brown on monday but I was thinking about getting blonde in in like arins hair?? I feel like thats a bit too obsessive but I might actually kinda like it so?? Thoughts? -
Oh my god sorry about my absence I've had a lot of homework over the past few days! I love this video and I hope you all do lmao
Anywho, how has all of your guys' day been?
daniel avidan-vine edit can i just say i really fucking adore this guy my twitter: https://twitter.com/calmfischbach.
Undertale Ep. 22: Sir Daniel Avidan lol don't mind my brother hes an idiot lol he also happens to be the onwe writing this lol sub to him please.
Ninja Sex Party Theme Song: Orchestral + Original (remix) I heard Gooseworx's orchestral remix of the NSP theme song, and I thought, "This would sound awesome when played with the original." And so it did. Song and ...

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