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Dave x Karkat Call me maybe Warning minor Smut but I followed guidelines and kept them censored . I own nothing I hope you like it.
FanFiction Readings - Work for it - EridanXSollux EridanXSollux blackrom smut for my friend Luxy. Based on Homestuck Sexcanon #6040. When Sollux finally lets Eridan dominate, the young psionic makes him work for it. By: munbun FanFic:https:/...
Davekat The Last Night ill make the title pretty af later im tired ill also edit the description better later so yeah i dont own anything dave and karkat belong to hussie the song belongs to skillet ok im done here bye.
Mini clip of my creation|davekat Sorry is only 20 second long I hope I can make them longer!
SolKat x DaveKat 💗 So the song is by Zayn Malik 'LIKE I WOULD' Photos are from goggle My Instagram is Daily.Insanityy Yeah I hope you like it!!!
Here We Are [DaveKat] We don't own anything in the video. The credits go to the respective owners. This video is purely fan-made. Song: "Here I Am" by Bryan Adams - Spirit Images: https://twitter.com/moroseignominy...
Vlogmas Day 8 - DirkJake shenanigans Sorry this is so short, there will be more interesting soon hopefully.
DaveJohnKat. I ship it. All rights go to respective owners. Edit is mine.
KarNep. Captchalogue my heart. All rights go to respective owners. Edit is mine.
Marinette/Ladybug x Adrien/ChatNoir -Inside Out- Created with Movie Studio Platinum 13.0- I'm tired of stupid comments (contrary to popular belief, I do not give a single shit about your age or what your parents think) so I'm disabling the...
Dave and rose pull a prank on karkat,dirk and John lol so funny A huge and giant thanks to frankie for helping with the video it the comments please put #dave and rose.
Reading fanfic homestuck At the mall while in cosplay. If you hadn't noticed. I was crying because of it but ayy.
Karkat and John: Read Fanfic Karkat is stuck in a very akward situation with John all thanks to Dave who told them to look up a fanfiction about them.
Homestuck: (WARNING YAOI) DON'T TOUCH DAVE IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE SHIP OR THE FANDOM DON'T WATCH This is what happens when my short friend stays the night XD I dress them up as Karkat and put on my in the making Dave cosplay XD my ...
Quick and Dirty (Signless and Dualscar) NSFW Quick and Dirty Dualscar: gamzeelikespie Signless: Azure Script by: kyaaaaaaaaa Editor: Slave I do not own Homesmut Voices, or Homestuck. All credit goes to owners!
Moves Like Homestuck Hello, this is MissAUTHOR. I wanted to share with everyone the VERY video that got me into the Homestuck Fandom! I did NOT make the video (but I wish I did) Kylee Henke did! I just wanted to share it.
The best homestuck fanfic. Dave x Dirk (lemon) Yes, this is 100% legit. this is the best homestuck fanfic i have ever read!!!
WARNING: STRIDERCEST Lots of Dirk and Dave Kisses :3 Luckily Noah let me do this Ship :3.
DAVE READ A FANFICTION so i got a request to read a fanfiction and got like 5 mintes in and quit. if you have any requests of fanfictions you want me to try and read tell me.
It's a sweet sensation [A Homestuck Fanfic read] Karkat only knows one thing and one thing only, he is losing the best thing in his life... Voiced by me: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheStridercest Original Fic here: https://archiveofourown.org...
Homestuck Doujinshi ♡ Karkat x John ♡ Flush ESPAÑOL parte 1 ♥ Se lee hacia esa dirección de izquierda a derecha. El termino "think pan" en un principio pensé que el autor se había equivocado o algo pero al buscar en google encontré que es usado en...
Nepeta's milk Blooper from reading a fanfiction, dear god. I REGRET NOTHING The song is "Less Than Three" instrumental from Disco Warp I don't know this art or homestuck.
[DRRR]Countdown Doujinshi - Izaya x Shizuo(Yaoi) DON'T FLAG! Enjoy =) Song: 1st: I wanna go - Britney Spears 2st: Crazy - TEEN TOP.

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