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Diana Taurasi
😂 Is Dee practicing talking to the officials?
#dianataurasi #pennytaylor #phoenixmercury #wnba
2️⃣players 3️⃣ championships 💍💍💍
#dianataurasi #pennytaylor #phoenixmercury #wnba
@farahjaentschke Practicing that Taurasi shot LOL
#wnba #dianataurasi @tyronehendrix6
【場邊號外】老大Kobe受訪傾談Diana Taurasi/自己的創作/Lonzo Ball【中文字幕】 籃球發燒迷呈現『籃球火鍋』,帶給全世界華人地區最新最精彩最經典的NBA視頻。現在的網路宛如大雜燴,此頻道盡力將一切有關籃球的資訊重新整...
The support mannn more NBA players and people in general need to go out and support this league it's to awesome for you it too shout to Kyrie Irving always supporting he's amazing
#kyrieirving #iconic #wnba #nba #breannastewart #suebird #dianataurasi ...
And it's a wrap for today!!!!
The real hustle with the never dying smile
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That look when you see there's not another Mercury game until June 30. 😒 Gon be like 3 games in 2+ weeks time this month. Wyd with that schedule Merc? 😒
#dianataurasi #phoenixmercury #wnba #sideye #yothisscheduleisnotcool
Haven't seen Dee get this low in awhile 👀 👀
Looks like she got a new color way looking at the soles and toe of her kicks 👟 👀
#dianataurasi #phoenixmercury #wnba #lebron14
Men who bash WNBA players: It tells me everything I need to know about you and how you really feel about women. Your insecurities are on full display fam, hope you guys don't have any daughters 🙄 #dianataurasi #wnba #lebron ...
WNBA deserves more attention. Here's a new all-time scoring leader. #dianataurasi #alltimegreatest #goat #wnba #swoosh #buckets #hk #852 #hkig #repost @WNBA
#dianataurasi peleándole al ref! Lol
LeBron James, Kobe Bryant & More React to Diana Taurasi Becoming WNBA Leading All-Time Scorer WNBA and Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi made history on Sunday, and the NBA was watching. Taurasi passed Tina Thompson to become the WNBA's ...
‪‪Diana Taurasi‬'s Girlfriend Penny Taylor 2017 | WNBA Thanks For Watching !! Feel Free To Subscribe :) ➽ ➽ https://goo.gl/JiR3qr Diana Taurasi 's Wife Penny Taylor 2017 Phoenix Mercury,Los Angeles ...
Relive All of Diana Taurasi's Major Scoring Milestones! Diana Taurasi surpassed Tina Thompson to become the WNBA's All time scoring leader. Relive all her major scoring milestones from throughout her career!
Kobe Bryant Witnesses Diana Taurasi Become WNBA All-Time Leading Scorer Kobe Bryant Witnesses Diana Taurasi Become WNBA All-Time Leading Scorer.
Diana Taurasi's Top 10 WNBA Career Plays! You've watched her make magic happen for 13 years in Phoenix. Now, be there to celebrate Diana Taurasi in her first game back since becoming the all-time ...
Diana Taurasi joins SC after breaking the WNBA scoring record Taurasi broke the all time record, was give shout outs by Kobe and LeBron on the day she made history.
LeBron James Congratulates Diana Taurasi For Making WNBA History LeBron James salutes Diana Taurasi for becoming the WNBA's all-time leading scorer in history. Subscribe to the UNINTERRUPTED newsletter here: ...
History: Diana Taurasi Becomes WNBA's All-Time Leading Scorer Diana Taurasi made history passing Tina Thompson to become the WNBA's all-time leading scorer with a layup vs. the Los Angeles Sparks. The Phoenix ...
Diana Taurasi Interviewed on SportsCenter! Check out Diana Taurasi's interview on SportsCenter about soon becoming the WNBA's all-time leading scorer! Get Your WNBA Tickets Here!

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