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What does I say about you... if you constantly have to be told what to do? Do it... own it! @motivatesucceedrepeat @maajrmusic @ultimate_champions @garyvee @veteranmotivational @motivational_pill @beastmodebarbiedoll @kelli._.wilson #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivated #discipline #doit#
Why be average when you have the potential to be great?😳
📷 by 👊 👌
Tried for a PB at 120Kg but not entirely happy after I saw the video. But hey ho I take it anyway 😉😉😎😎 just need to train more to get it perfect. @foodprepped @oldschoollabs #bodybuilding #fitness #musclework #motivation #fit #strong ...
Roll the dice. Jump all in on your ambitions in life. Have a supreme belief that anything is achievable.
I’ve set markers in my life so big that I don’t even feel comfortable telling people. Yet I believe 💯 ...
Me perguntaram se sinto saudade da minha barriga chapada.. 😅Nunca me senti tão linda fisicamente, com as curvas mais lindas que já tive! E com um amor que não cabe em só coração.. 💓
#vemlorena #s2 #pregnantfitness #pregnant #gravida ...
🏃Yesterday's #longrun with my next marathon on Nov 12th...coming quick! For all of you racing this weekend, have strong races!
Sound ON!!! New Podcast episode out next week!! Episode 3- FOMO and Opportunity Cost! Our promise is to provide FREE and VALUABLE Content ALWAYS!
~I dont have dreams' i have a fucking vision. Blood, sweat and tears💦 turn that pain into power. Either you like it or not, i will always get up and keep going!~🦁
#antidoping #discipline #hardwork #inspired #keepgoing #photooftheday #gohardorgohome #neversettle ...
Happy Sunday to you all. Chest and back during gym church hours 😉😉 Today was reasonably nice weather even though it is quite windy 🌬🌬 @foodprepped @oldschoollabs #bodybuilding #fitness #musclework #motivation #fit #strong #gym #determination #discipline #fitfam #thesweatlife #trainhard #noexcuses ...
Saban addressing discipline issues in Alabama | College GameDay | ESPN Desmond Howard talks about the importance of discipline to the Crimson Tide's program and how coach Nick Saban is restoring order. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on ...
Coversation with Yanping Liu, the China Security Commision for Discipline Inspection.Part 1 2017 May 24th,A conversation between Secretary for discipline inspection of the ministry of secuirty of China Yanping Liu and 3 more government ...
How to Get The Desire to Have Discipline - Jocko Willink From JOCKO PODCAST 82. Join the conversation on Twitter/Instagram: @jockowillink @echocharles.
SELF DISCIPLINE - Life Changing Motivational Speech (Discipline Motivation) SELF DISCIPLINE - Life Changing Motivational Speech (Discipline Motivation) Thank you all for watching this inspiring speech by Jim Rohn! If you enjoyed ...
Watch As Danielle's Attempt To Discipline The Quints Backfires In Classic Fashion OutDaughtered | Tuesdays at 9/8c Danielle tries to prepare for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner as the kids create chaos. Full Episodes Streaming FREE on ...
How to Become More Disciplined (animated short story) In this video essay, I discuss how a fictional character - known as Lucas - became more disciplined and changed his life with greater self-control. Companion ...
Les Brown: SELF DISCIPLINE | Les Brown Motivation Les Brown: SELF DISCIPLINE | Les Brown Motivation ▻Speaker: Les Brown ~ https://lesbrown.com/ ▻Les Brown is an amazing motivational speaker, that I've ...
Self-Discipline is Freedom... From Yourself. | Why it's Important. Sometimes I meet people who think that living a structured and disciplined life is limiting... I think it's liberating. In this video, I talk about why self-discipline is ...
Jim Rohn: Self Discipline (Jim Rohn motivation) Jim Rohn: Self Discipline (Jim Rohn motivation) Rohn: The Key to Getting All You Want? Discipline Without the discipline of paying constant, daily attention, we ...
How to Build Self Discipline - My #1 Exercise If you want to gain self discipline and increase your willpower, take a cold shower. I'm serious, and here's why. Check out this video for more self-discipline ...

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