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Don't hide your emotions❣️ 📸: @christopher.james
Time for relax❣️❣️❣️
Time for Heaven ❣️❣️❣️ 📸: @thelawry
#discoveration 🐳
"If rain is God crying, I think God is drunk and his girlfriend just slept with Zeus" - Chuk Klosterman 📸: @jonaspiontek
#discoveration 🎇
زمانه پندي آزادوار داد مرا
زمانه را چو نکو بنگري همه پند است
به روز نیک کسان گفت تا که غم نخوري
بسا کسا که به روز تو آرزومند است...

#iran #toiran #discoveration #tourism ...
باز کن پنجره را
من تو را خواهم برد
به سر رود خروشان حیات
آب این رود به سرچشمه نمي گردد باز
بهتر آنست که غفلت نکنیم از آغاز

#iran #toiran #discoveration #tourism #iran_tourist #irantourist #ancient_iran #nature ...
Best #discoveration trip
"I want to go back to Brazil, get married, have lots of kids, and just be a couch tomato." - Ana Beatriz Barros. 📸: @agpfoto #discoveration 🌌
"If you read a lot, nothing is as great as you've imagined. Venice is - Venice is better." - Fran Lebowitz Venice, Italy 🇮🇹 📷: @ilhan1077 #discoveration 🌌
Ramanujan's infinite root and its crazy cousins In this video I'll talk about Ramanujan's infinite roots problem, give the solution to my infinite continued fraction puzzle from a couple of week's ago, and let you in ...
Who killed the rollypollys part 2 CSI.crazy.stupid.idiots Further discoveration explains who killed the wollypolly bugs.
A new 9th planet for the solar system? Observations of the orbits of six small objects have led researchers to propose a very large 9th planet--100s of astronomical units (AU) away from the sun.
Land Rover Discovery 25 Years Film Seit 25 Jahren bringt der Discovery Land Rover Fans aus der ganzen Welt sicher an ihr Ziel. Mit unserem Jubiläumsfilm wollen wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam ...
Motor Show 2014 - TG Magazine Day 4 - Test Drive Motor Show 2014 - TG Magazine Day 4 - Test Drive, la puntata di oggi del TG Magazine si concentra sulle varie aree Test Drive presenti nell'edizione 2014 del ...
Onlinemotor Celebrate Land Rover Discovery Discoveration 25 Jahre Land Rover Discovery Dieser eindrucksvolle Film ist ein Zusammenschnitt vieler Enthusiasten, die ihre eigenen Aufnahmen zur Verfügung gestellt haben. Diese Aufnahme belegen ...

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